VotingPoll Plugin 1.7.2

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VotingPoll 1.7.2

VotingPoll is basicly a chat based voting system for your Server. If you wanna decide something, but you’re unsure, just ask your Players!
You can find a quick Guide right under this text which you are just reading


1. Create a new Poll

2. Add a Topic

3. Add some Choices

4. Activate your Poll

And voting is also that easy:

Vote via Chest GUI

By doing /choose

Or via commands:

1. See all active Plugins

2. See all available Choices

3. Vote for your Choice
Warning: !!!Case sensitive!!!

/poll create <ID>
/poll topic <ID>
/poll add <ID> <Choice>
/poll start <ID>
/poll stop <ID>

/result <ID>

/choose <ID>
/choose <ID> <Choice>


Permission Description
Votingpoll.modify Allows to modify Polls
Votingpoll.result Allows to do /result Allows to vote once Allows to vote twice Allows to vote 3 times Allows to vote 4 times Allows to vote 5 times

Download VotingPoll Plugin 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Author: mrCookieSlime

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