The Agartha Mod 1.7.10

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Agartha is the belief that underground, beneath our world, the is another world parallel to ours. Agartha is the name for such a world.

The Agartha Mod CURRENTLY adds in two sub dimensions of Agartha, the world within our world. These dimensions are Lithosis, the land of stone and darkness, and Heliosis, the land of the indigenous peoples (Note, currently the peoples aren’t implemented).

To reach Lithosis you must collect bedrock. To do this you must craft the obsidian drill. then you right click and hold down for about six seconds with the obsidian drill when you are standing over a patch of bedrock. Then one of the blocks of bedrock will break and drop itself.

You will also need the Void Walker Suit. It is crafted just like regular armor except for the chestplate and you use bedrock to craft them. The chestplate is crafted as such:

Crafting for ZThe Void Walker Chestplate

The portal frame is just like a nether portal except that it is made out of bedrock. To activate you ne an Agarthian Power Crystal. These can be found only by killing monsters (even those from different mods.) You just right click on the bottom of the portal with the Aqarthian Power Crystal and the portal will be created. You will hear an odd sound if it worked.

Inside Lithosis you will find the ‘underworld’ isn’t as scary as it is said to be. There is little to no light, everything is made of stone, and there are awesome ores to mine. Mainly there are the regular ores but there are two others to account for, Alamandine and Bloodstone. Alamandine is a unsaturated red color ore. It drops Almandine. Alamandine can be crafted into Alamandine Blocks, or Alamandine Tools (along with sticks). Bloodstone Blocks (these generate around the world in big blobs) drop a couple Bloodstones and they create light. The Bloodstone can be crafted back into a Bloodstone Block with only four Bloodstones in a square pattern. Bloodstone can also be crafted into Bloodstone tools.

You must craft the Alamandine into Almandine Blocks so you can reach Heliosis. The portal will be made of Alamandine Blocks and activated with an Agarthian Power Crystal. You will still need the full Void Walker Suit to go through the portal.

In Heliosis, there is little that can be found. There are gigantic hills and there are lots more of the vanilla ores along with Alamandine ore underground.

When you kill really anything, there’s a bit more than just xp orbs and item drops. They can also drop money orbs, mana orbs, and health orbs.

Money orbs jut give you money directly to you account. They look like yellow xp orbs.

Mana orbs increase your mana but not further than your max amount of mana. They look like grey xp orbs.

Health orbs give you 2 extra hearts and heals you by a bit. They look like red xp orbs.

Your mana and money goes to 0 when you die.

Currently there are no implementations for money and there is but one for mana. When you eat Agarthian flesh, it either decreases your mana and gives you haste, or it gives you some more mana.

That’s pretty much it for now.

Download The Agartha Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: dracominer

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