Stables bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.2

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Developer : raum

Development stage:Release


What does it do?

Stables is a plugin that assists with Horse ownership, protection, and other horse related things. Vanilla has no ownership or tracking of horses, only if it has been broken or not. Stables changes this behavior.


  • Virtual Stables (the storage portion of this plugin) Requires SQLite or MySQL! The plugin will still function without SQL, but this feature will not be enabled.
  • To use COST based virtual stables, Vault is required. Free storage does not require any additional plugins.

Current Features

  • Protect Horses from outside damages
  • Add recipes for Horse Armor (Barding), Name Tags and Saddles
  • Add ‘ownership’ to horses so others cannot steal them – Use a name tag on a horse to claim it!
  • Store horses in virtual stables, and recover them!
  • Abilities for Admin/Staff (or anyone with stables.admin permissions) to Remove Ownership
  • Sets a max amount of horses one player can own
  • Anyone with the stables.admin permission can use horses without permission
  • Allow a friend to ride a claimed horse
  • Lure a horse from the wild using an item (defaults Golden Carrot – Other suggestions would be Emeralds, Golden Apples)
  • Horse Spawning

What’s in store for new releases?

  • Horse Trading
  • (NPC) Races
  • Horse respawning
  • Horse purchasing (from NPC)
  • Permission based crafting (for donators/VIPs)
  • Permission based damage blocking (Right now it’s all or nothing, no permission levels)

Permissions & Commands

Command Effect Permission
/stables All commands are prefixed with /stables stables.admin grants all permissions
version Display the version/credits
addrider Adds (rider) to the horse – must be owner
delrider Removes (rider) from the horse – must be owner
store Stores horse in the Virtual Stables
view Lists all horses in your stables
recover # Recovers horse from stables – The number is found in /stables view
reload Reloads the Config file stables.admin
config Changes config options without offline editing stables.admin
save Manually saves the horse database – for Flatfile only stables.admin
report View the config options stables.admin
listhorses View all horses owned by (player)
info Check the horse’s owner
clearhorses Remove all horses owned by (player) stables.clear
removeowner Remove a horse’s owner stables.remove
/spawnhorse Spawns a horse. Add argument ‘zombie’ or ‘skeleton’ for those types stables.spawn
Allows creation of [Stables] signs stables.sign
Allows player to ride any horse, regardless of owner stables.ride
Allows a player to have # for their max horses stables.max.#
Allows no-cost use of the Virtual Stables
Allows a player to craft Iron Armor stables.recipe.armor.iron
Allows a player to craft Gold Armor
Allows a player to craft Diamond Armor stables.recipe.armor.diamond
Allows a player to craft Saddles stables.recipe.saddle
Not Enabled Allows a player to craft Name Tags stables.recipe.nametag
Removes the ability for a player to name horses
Removes the ability for a player to breed horses stables.punish.breed
Removes the ability for a player to ride horses stables.punish.ride

How does it work?

Name a horse to claim it as your own. Hit it (as the owner) with a new Name Tag (un-renamed) to free it!

  • Apparently naming a horse is confusing to some people. To name a horse, you have to get a NAME TAG. Use the NAME TAG in an ANVIL and change it’s name to what you want the horse to be called. Then USE (Right Click) The Horse with the NAMED NAME TAG to name it. This is a VANILLA MINECRAFT feature – it is not included with Stables. This action, however, is what will claim a horse with the Stables plugin.

Stables also prevents horses from being killed by players, mobs, environmental, or any combination of these. All options are 100% toggle-able through the config.

Virtual Stables

This feature can be disabled by the admins by setting the ‘allowCommand’ config option to false, and then just not creating any stable signs.

To create a stable, simply place a sign with [stables] as the first line. Stables will take over from there. If ‘allowCommand’ is disabled, you can ONLY use the Virtual Stables feature with a sign. Punch the sign, or type /stables store to store a horse. Please note: Storage does *NOT* save chests right now, nor will it save saddles. This is a known bug.

  • Please note: The stables does *NOT* save Horse Speed. This is a Minecraft/Bukkit shortfall, and will be addressed as soon as there is a way to do so.

The Config


  • Debug: Turn on Debug Messages
  • Language: The Localization for this file – Currently only enUS and deDE supported.
  • BlockAll: Block ALL damage
  • PVPDamage: Block PVP Damage
  • OwnerDamage: Block Owner damage
  • MobDamage: Block PVE Damage against Owned Horses
  • EnviromentDamage: Block enviro damage – Fire, Lava, etc
  • MaxOwned: The default max amount of horses any one player can own
  • Save: How often to save the horse data to a file (in minutes)
  • Theft: Allow people to steal owned horses
  • ProtectUnclaimed: Provide protections above for unclaimed/unnamed horses also
    • This is not currently in and is a planned future feature


  • cost: The price for storing your horse – Enabled in 1.8.0
  • useCommand: Disable virtual stables via command – requires the use of a [Stable] sign.
  • timeout : How long to let a person wait before having to choose a horse to store – This is to prevent someone from hitting the sign and /home’ing to store a horse they shouldn’t – Length is in seconds.


  • Lure
    • allow – Turn this feature on or off
    • chance – The chance of success per attempt
    • item – the required item that is consumed per attempt (must be sneaking to use)
    • delay – How long (in seconds) before the horse is found (or failed)
    • disabled – A String list of all worlds this feature is DISABLED In
    • health.max – The max health a lured horse can have. 2 health = 1 Heart
    • health.min – The min health a lured horse can have. 2 health = 1 heart.

Recipes Added (See below for shape/materials)

  • saddle
  • nametag –
  • armor.iron –
  • –
  • armor.diamond –
  • hay – Turn a hay bale back into Wheat


Stables makes several items craftable – specifically Saddles, Barding (Horse Armor) and Name Tags.

Diamond Horse Armor Gold Horse Armor Iron Horse Armor

Saddle Name Tag


I have added Localization to translate Stables into other languages! If you speak/type in a language other than English and would like to help out, click the ‘Localization’ tab above!


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