Slime Carnage Mod 1.7.10

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Slime Carnage Mod 1.7.10

Slime Carnage is a mod that adds a variety of new slimes, structures, armor, food and the ability to build your own slime village. No new ores are added (because that is pointless)

Slimes added


  • Orange Slime (spawns in Mesa, plains, savannah and forest biomes)
  • Blue Slimes (spawns in extreme hills biomes)
  • Red Slime (spawns in plains and savannah biomes)
  • Yellow Slime (spawns in desert biomes)
  • Green Slimes (spawns in swamp biomes)
  • Cactus Slimes (spawns in desert biomes)
  • Snow Slimes (spawns in snowy biomes)
  • Moo Slimes (spawns in mushroom biomes)
  • Monkey Slimes (spawns in jungle biomes)
  • Camo Slimes (spawns in forest biomes)
  • Cave Slimes (spawns in caves below 60 height)
  • Under Slimes (spawns in caves below 24 height)
  • Fiery Slimes (spawns in the Nether)
  • TMNT Slimes (spawns in the sewer structure)
  • Mummy Slimes (spawns in the desert tomb structure)


  • Doc (Found in lab structure)
  • Old Man (Found in mud hill structure)
  • Villagers (Spawn in village tavern or in buildings placed by village scrolls. You can also trade with them)
  • Mario – Currently only spawns via egg
  • Luigi – Currently only spawns via egg


Slime Carnage adds a few structures that may be randomly found throughout the world. 

  • Mad Lab – Found in plains biomes. This is a work in progress structure but does have the Doc Slime spawn in it.
  • Stone ruins – Sort of like a Stonehenge with a slime face in the middle. No real purpose. Spawns in biomes with grass surface.
  • Desert ruins – Small random ruins sometimes found in the desert.
  • Old Man Cave – A one per world spawn that has an inside that is supposed to resemble the first cave in the original Legend of Zelda game. It looks like a small grass mound from the outside/
  • Sewers – Found in areas with a grass top surface. Sewers is a currently unfinished dungeon which has 2 chests and the ninja turtle slimes inside.
  • Desert Tomb – A dungeon found in the desert with lots of mummy slime spawners and a chance at some loot. There is also a secret room with 2 chests an old man slime, gold blocks and 2 diamond blocks. Slimeopatra will also be in the final room. This dungeon is not fully complete yet but almost.


There are 4 armor sets available which currently don’t have a crafting recipe but can be got through dungeons and trading with Slime Villagers. Each set has a different effect for wearing the entire set and each set is better than iron and worse than diamond.

  • Green set – Night vision bonus on wearing full set.
  • Blue set – Water breathing bonus on wearing full set.
  • Red set – Fire resistant bonus on wearing full set.
  • Yellow set – Movement speed bonus on wearing full set.


Added some random food to the mob because why not.

  • Banana – Obtained in dungeon chests or killing Monkey Slime.
  • Pizza Slice – Obtained in dungeon chests.

Download Slime Carnage Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: supremopete

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