RP Classes bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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RP Classes (formerly Player Classes)

Originally written by Multidude, now managed by Haafingar Hallard


What is Player Classes?

Player Classes is a plugin which makes players more reliant on others by making them pick classes when they first join the game. Each class will have its own benefits and restrictions which will mean they will have to work with others if they want to be successful. An example of this is the Blacksmith class. They can craft any type of Armour, Weapon or Tool, but cannot use a lot of them, likewise a Warrior cannot craft many things, but can use all of the advanced Armour and swords. This way of limiting what players can and can’t do brings the community together and supports people working in groups or teams in order to have a more enjoyable experience. It is also through this way you can better increase your Roleplaying experience by forcing people into their occupations and trading with each other to gather all of their required resources.


My name is Haafingar, and I have recently taken over the project from multidude. I have made a few changes to Player Classes in the most recent update:

  • – FIXED: Players now properly leave their class when you type /class leave
  • – NEW: Players now have a prefix in front of their display name that says their class in colors specific to their class.
  • – NEW CLASS! : Woodsman class added. Woodsmen are the only ones who can use diamond and iron axes, and can wear a considerable amount of Armour.
  • – CHANGED: The Crusader class is now called the Warrior class, simply because it is a more generic name.
  • – UPDATED: Config no longer requires you to type in the ID’s of every single item, insted just type it as it is in game, IRON_INGOT as opposed to 265. NOTE: Those updating from the previous versions will need to alter their config to match this. I would advise copying your player class lists, deleting the old config, and pasting them into a newly generated one.

What Player Classes are Available?

You can view a full list of all of the classes that are currently implemented by going to the Classes page (Click Here)

I would like to know what classes you would like to see added, so drop a comment with your suggestions below and they will most likely be implemented. If you feel that I have missed something out of a class you can also send a comment or a ticket and it too will be implemented. I want this plugin to be enjoyable for you guys so if you let me know what you want in it this is more likely to be a better plugin!

You are also able to rename any of the classes in the confg file, meaning you can customise the names to stick with the theme of your server and I am planning to add a feature which will allow you to customise each class and add your own however, this is not here yet but will hopefully be out soon!

Getting Started

There is currently a very very basic getting started guide for setting up this plugin. You can access this by clicking here

Customizing classes in the config

There is now a file that shows you how to setup the config… you can see this here

Commands & Permissions

You can find a full list of all the commands and permissions in this plugin by clicking here!

How can I help?

I would greatly appreciate it if you could donate to the plugin. This would help to inspire me to work on the plugin and continue to improve and update it. You can donate using the button on the top right of the page. You can also help out a lot by commenting below, submitting a ticket, or sending me a PM if you find any bugs or issues with the plugin, this will allow me to resolve the issues faster! Suggestions are also greatly appreciated.

To Do

  • – add experience points specific to each class (ideas?)
  • – add universal stats such as strength, toughness, speed and intelligence.
  • – add more classes (taking requests)
  • – economy hooking to possibly buy XP or abilities

DOwnload RP Classes bukkit plugins for minecraft

For 1.6.4


For 1.5.2


Authors: HaafingarHallard,multidude

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