PvPManager Plugin 1.8.3

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Using multiple plugins to handle PvP in your server? Wanting a specific feature but didn’t want to use yet another plugin just for that one feature?
Just use PvPManager, it offers multiple PvP features and the list keeps increasing!

The major features include punishing players who log out to escape combat, allowing players to toggle PvP easily, blocking commands/teleportation for players in combat, protect new players on your server and even prevent kill abuses!

All of these features support multiple worlds, allowing you to disable them in specific worlds! Each one can also be toggled in order to avoid performance issues caused by unwanted features!


  • Prevent PvP Log with various punishments
  • Toggle PvP with commands or signs
  • Disables Fly/GameMode/Disguises/Invisibility when entering combat
  • Newbie Protection (New players are protected when they join)
  • Auto Soup (Soup is instantly consumed and heals player)
  • Anti Border Hopping (Players can’t run to safe zones while tagged)
  • Anti Kill Abuse (Killing the same player several times can be stopped)
  • Respawn Protection

Other Features

  • Blood animation on hit
  • Player’s name changes color when in combat
  • Blocks Commands and Enderpearls while in combat
  • Give money on each kill and execute commands
  • Tag message tells who tagged you
  • Detects Auto Disconnect hack and still punishes the player
  • Can be disabled in specific worlds
  • Everything is very configurable


  • /pvp [player] – Toggle PvP
  • /pvplist – Shows all players with PvP enabled
  • /pvpinfo [player] – Shows info about a player
  • /pvpstatus [player] – Check yours or other player PvP status.
  • /pvp disable – Disables Newbie protection for yourself
  • /pvpoverride – Allows player to attack anywhere
  • /pm – Shows PvPManager help page
  • /pm update – Update PvPManager to latest version
  • /pm reload – Reloads PvPManager


  • /pvp – /toggle or /pvptoggle
  • /pm – /pvpmanager or /pvpm

Special Permissions:

  • pvpmanager.nocombat – Players/ranks are not placed in combat
  • pvpmanager.nopvp – Players/ranks have PvP disabled
  • pvpmanager.nodisable – Players/ranks don’t get fly and gamemode disabled on PvP
    To see all permissions check the Full List


You can customize the ingame PvPManager messages by editing the file “messages.properties”. Change locale to your own language in config.yml(Currently en, ru, es and ch) or edit the default messages file, it supports color codes (&1, &2, etc).
Feel free to send me your translated file so i can include it in the plugin.
Just choose your language, copy the text and paste it to the messages.properties file.

More Info

  • PvPManager has an auto updater, totally optional and possible to disable by going to /plugins/PvPManager/config.yml and opt-out under the ‘Update Check’ section
  • If you find a bug, please create a ticket so it can be fixed
  • Do you want a similar plugin but directed to PvE? Try my other plugin PvEManager
  • Looking for the old PvPTimer feature? Here it is: PvPCycle

Servers using PvPManager

  • join.townyminions.com
  • kabucraft.servegame.com (Portuguese/My Server)
  • ip.areaz12server.net.br
  • damnation.eu (Age 18+ only)
  • play.darksoulcraft.com
  • play.duskcraft.com
  • Play.RegnumCraftMC.com
  • play.blazecraft-mc.net
  • play.fusion-mc.net
  • Your server IP here (Contact me)

Dev Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk!

PvPManager Dev Builds

Known Bugs

– When using PermissionsEx as your permissions plugin, Operators will get PvP disabled on login. But it will work fine for regular players. I suggest changing to another permissions plugin or negate the permissionpvpmanager.nopvp

ToDo List:

  • Add Auto Soup feature
  • Silent Option for in combat messages
  • Change nametag color in combat
  • Prevent border hopping while in combat
  • Take money from player on death and give it to killer
  • Spawn an NPC on PvP log


Added 24/08/2013 (Started counting on v0.6)
PvPManager MCStats
If you want to know exactly what data i’m collecting or see PvPManager usage click the graph above.
You can disable Metrics by going to /plugins/PluginMetrics and opt-out on the config file.


For 1.8.3


Author: NoChanceSD

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