Pokécube Mod 1.6.4/1.5.2

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Pokécube Mod 1.6.4

Pokécube is a mod which adds Pokémobs to Minecraft. It provides a blocky, real-time and fun experience where you are playing in 3D environment where you can interact and catch Pokémons.



More than a mod, Pokécube is a platform on which 3 different pokemob-adder mods are running.

  • Pokécube Core: Adds the mechanics, the fighting system, the items…
  • Pokécube Mobs: Around 60 mobs essentially from Gen I
  • Pokécube Generations: Hundreds of mobs from Gen I to IV

This mod is planned to feature the first four generations of one of the most well known games in history; Pokemon, This is a branch of Manchou’s Pokecube, but it is compatible by itself. All models are made with Techne and have been created by this team. So far, well over 250 pokemon have been made, although most are unimplemeted for now due to remodeling and texture reasons.

  • Pokécube Lineage: Mobs from Gen V and VI

This is an extension to pokecube that adds pokemon from gen 5 and up (plus a few remakes of pokemon from generations and pokecube). you might know something like this, pokecube black & white. well, what makes this different than that is:

  1. this will add pokemon from gen 5 and every gen that comes after it
  2. this is still being worked on and is going strong!!

Installation Pokécube Mod


Make a backup of your “%APPDATA%/.minecraft” folder.

Install Forge

  1. Download the Forge zip file from the link below for the correct Minecraft version. With 7zip or another archive explorer, open”%APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar”.
  2. Inside the jar, remove the META-INF folder.
  3. Open the Forge zip file with 7zip and drag and drop all its content into the minecraft.jar file.
  4. Close 7zip windows. You finished the install of Forge. You can now use mods such as Pokécube.
  5. Launch Minecraft to check everything works well. The first time, the launch can take several minutes.

Install Pokécube

  1. Download the jar files of Pokécube for both Core and Mobs for the correctMinecraft version.
  2. Put them in the following folder:
  3. “%APPDATA%/.minecraft/mods/”
  4. You can launch Minecraft and enjoy Pokécube.

Installation Pokécube Generations

  1. Download Pokecube Generations
  2. Download Forge
  3. Open your minecraft.jar (C:\Documents and Settings\Username Here\Application Data\.minecraft\bin)
  4. Drag Contents of Forge into Minecraft.jar
  5. Delete META-INF Folder
  6. Install pokecube core (found here: http://www.minecraft…50194-pokecube/)
  7. Unzip Pokecube Generations
  8. Drag Pokecube Generations jars into mods folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Username Here\Application Data\.minecraft\mods)
  9. Open Pokecube Generations lang File and Drag Contents into your Minecraft.Jar lang File
  10. Close out of your Minecraft.Jar
  11. Open your Minecraft Game
  12. Make a new world (To prevent possibility of corrupting save)
  13. Let your adventure unfold and enjoy!

it is now compatible with Pokecube, everyone enjoy!

Installation Pokécube Lineage

(Requires Forge 7.8..0.648)

  1. download forge and install on minecraft jar.
  2. download pokecube lineage and pokecube core (found on pokecube page)
  3. drop pokecube core and pokecube lineage into mods folder.
  4. Play and have fun.

Download Pokécube Mod

For 1.6.4



Pokécube Core:


Pokecube Origin adds the mobs. 


For 1.5.2

Pokécube Mobs


Pokécube Generations


Pokécube Lineage




  1. Pokécube Core
  2. Pokécube Mobs




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