Ping Mod 1.7.10

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Ping Mod 1.7.10

Anyone who’s played Portal 2 with others has encountered the Ping tool at least once. For those who haven’t, it provides a simple way to point out something to the surrounding players, instead of gesturing vaguely in its direction.

This mod attempts to replicate that feature in a useful way, but ensure it actually has use in the Minecraft world.

Using Ping is incredibly simple. Both the server and client must have it installed (though clients without it will still be able to play, they just won’t receive Pings). To send a Ping, simply hold down the F (default keybind) key, and select a ping type by either mousing over it and releasing F, or by clicking on it. A Ping will then be sent to everyone in the current dimension who has 1) Chosen to receive Pings, and 2) Is in range of your Ping.(range can be modified in the config file). If a Ping is offscreen, a small icon will render on the side of your screen, pointing to it.


 # Configuration file

general {
 # Maximum distance a Ping can be from you and still be received

# How long a Ping should remain active before disappearing

visual {
 # Whether to render a colored overlay on the Pinged block

# Value from 0 - 255

# Value from 0 - 255

# Value from 0 - 255

Download Ping Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: dmillerw

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