PiggyPilot Plugin 1.7.2

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PiggyPilot Plugin 1.7.2

Pigs are boring. Wait, nevermind, pigs are awesome. But this plugin (which is coming soon to Single Player!) makes it even more awesome! Pigs can fly!

This plugin requires NO commands at all! There is a bit of configuration, but that
is not necessary.
How To Fly The Pig:

There are two kinds of flying now, Kind 1, and Kind 2, they are chosen by the server admin. (Default is kind 1)

Type 1
Step 1: Find a pig.
Step 2: Saddle it.
Step 3: Get a “whip” (carrot on a stick) and jump on!
Step 4: Point “whip” in direction you want to go (preferably up) then click. (Making sure you are holding your “whip”)
Step 5: Hold on for the ride!

Type 2

Step 1: Find a pig.
Step 2: Saddle it.
Step 3: Jump on!
Step 4: Point cursor in direction you wish to travel!

Note: On some servers you may have to pay to ride the pig

How to land:

Type 1
Step 1: Point your “whip” at the object you want to land on.
Step 2: Wait for the pig to reach the ground, then right click to hop off.

Type 2
Step 1: Point cursor at ground.
Step 2: Once you reach the ground, hop off.

How to drop TNT:

Step 1: Get TNT
Step 2: Mount your pig.
Step 3: Fly to your drop zone.
Step 4: left click with TNT in your hand.
Step 5: Enjoy the fun!

How to use Machine Gun:

Step 1: Get some arrows (atleast a stack)
Step 2: Mount your gallient steed (or humble pig – either one)
Step 3: Zoom to your enemy, and then press the “SHIFT” key will you have arrows in your hand
Step 4: Enjoy the fun!

The Config:

enabled: false
flycost: 100.0
bombcost: 10.0
free: You have free admission to fly this pig!
speed: 2
updatedelay: 5
mode: 1
BoardingMessage: PiggyPilot (c)2012 John Board
ExitingMessage: PiggyPilot (c)2012 John Board
NeedRodMessage: You need a whip (fishing rod) to mount this pig!
enabled: true
enabled: true
exhaustspawninterval: 100
enabled: true
unlimitedammo: false
firespeed: 5
speed: 5

  • For allowing access to flying: piggypilot.fly
  • For allowing access to dropping TNT: piggypilot.tnt
  • For allowing a player to fly without paying: piggypilot.free
  • For allowing a player to use a machine gun: piggypilot.machinegun
  • Changed fishing rod to carrot on a stick because this plugin was last updated during minecraft 1.3.2
  • Added type 2 for flying
  • Added the machine gun option, and the money option to config
  • Added a cost for flying and launching tnt
To Do:
  • Make configurable time limit per permissions group for riding a pig
  • Make configurable height limit per permissions group for riding a pig
  • Make flying piggy races minigame!

Download PiggyPilot Plugin 1.7.2

For 1.7.2


Credits: G0dlyCheese

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