Mutant Bugs Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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This mod adds weapons, tools, and some creepy bugs that will make your minecraft game a lot more interesting! This mod is also called the Anti Plant Virus mod or The Mutant Bugs.


Virus Forest
This biome will spawn bugs! and there’re spider webs, poisoned water, weird look flowers, spiky vines! (but this biome has got some good stuffs in it) also low light level, or it’s kinda dark in here.

Usable Items

Anti Plant Virus A

  • Throw it on the floor will make the surrounding trees disappear

Anti Plant Virus B

  • Use it on the floor will make the surrounding grasses disappear

Virus Seeds

  • Drop from bugs
  • Put some sugars to increase the amount

Hyourougan or Food Ball (not football)

  • 3 times usage
  • Gives a heart per once

Potion of Purification

  • Gives you a heart
  • Can stack them to 32
  • Quick drink!

Potion of Moonlight

  • Gives you a night vision effect

Poison Needles

  • Drop from Carrier Bug
  • You can put and use it in the dispenser

Tools, Weapons, Armors

Virus Sprouts

  • Make from Storage Organ of the Virus
  • Basic item to make Small Crystals of Virus

Small Crystal of Virus

  • Basic item to make some tools


Harvest Mode

  • It could be a sickle, hoe, or scythe
  • Right click on the dirt to till it 3×3
  • Left click to cut down the crops and plant them 3×3 (if you have some seeds in your inv)
  • Use it to harvest the crops will gain some xps

Combat Mode

  • Atk 3.5
  • More deadly if your health is low
  • Right click on mob will use a deadly strike! or armor piercing (when mob’s health is lower than half?)

Pale Moon

  • Atk 0~4.5
  • Right click on mob to make a special attack (Area Atk/drain your hunger bar)

Cross of Suppression

  • Atk 3 (+1 to undead)
  • It gives you strength but sometime gives you slowness or weakness
  • Right click + directions to make a quick step (drain some hunger bar)

  • You can fix the tools by put some virus seeds

Virus Bud

  • Basic item to make Crystal of Virus

Crystal of Virus>>>

  • Used for upgrade some tools

Wing Boots

  • Make you jump higher
  • Reduce falling damage

Night Set

  • The materials are drop from Night Bug
  • Reduce 1/2 damage (20% chance, or 50% chance if full set)
  • Stronger than iron but weaker than diamond

Serupinea Set

  • The materials are drop from Serupinea Bug
  • Increase defense if full set
  • Stronger than leather but weaker than chained

Serupinea Tools

  • Equivalent to iron

Will ‘o’ Wisp

  • Blue light



  • For decoration
  • Put it on the top of 2 stone 2×1 to make a friendly skeleton

Fish Trap

  • Put it into water to use it
  • Right click to catch a trapped fish (If there’s no fish, the fish trap will be destroyed)

Wood of Mushroom

  • Put it somewhere you want to make the Shining Mushroom grow (Area 8×8)
  • Place it somewhere dark

Bug Tree and Great Tree Sapling

  • Put the virus seed to make tree grow bigger


  • Terapia the purple flower You can make a purple dyes from it
  • Biollanta the likely rose flower You can make a red dyes from it
  • Poison Thorns Don’t climb unless you’re a masochist!
  • Mycena Clorophos Shinning Mushroom Grows only in dim light
  • Wood from virus tree You can use it as vanilla wooden planks


Helena Butterfly

  • Flying around your world
  • Standing near it will give you poison

Virus Bug (Ground Type) / Minion Bug

  • Virus bug will spawn minion bug if it see you
  • Group atk!
  • It will heal it self if it bite you

Virus Bug (Flying Type)

  • Flying Virus Bug will attack you by acid
  • It’s acid can melt your stuff! (Durability)
  • It likes to ride on other mobs head


  • This bug has no knockback!?
  • Jump 3 blocks high
  • Less falling damage
  • It doesn’t like hot and cold weather

Carrier Bug

  • A poison shooter (Very long range)
  • It will carry virus tree sapling to plant somewhere else
  • If it stand too far of you, it will shoot an ender pearl to teleport you into it

Soldier Bug

  • Boss in a medium size
  • High attack power and health, with a various attack patterns
  • No falling damage, wall climber
  • Create a body shield when it’s health lower than 50%
  • It can destroy woods, leaves, and some blocks
  • It doesn’t like cold place and wet (Swamp)
  • It will not despawn again if it’s health is lower than 50%

Night Bug

  • Boss in a medium size???
  • It’s attack power is higher than soldier bug, but it’s slower
  • No knock back with an ordinary attack (except charge attack or enchanted weapon)
  • No falling damage, drowning
  • Spawn only in virus forest and flatland
  • It will not despawn again if it’s health is lower than 50%



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Mutant Bugs Mod
  • Unzip file
  • Put Mutant Bugs Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Put the “apvsound” folder into your “…\resources\mod\sound” folder
  • Put the “AntiPlantVirusMod.cfg” into your “config” folder
  • Done
  • Done

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Credits: Niconiko

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