More Wolves Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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More Wolves Mod 1.7.10

Wolves for every biome. From taiga to desert



Installation More Wolves Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2/1.4.7

  • Download and install Modloader
  • Drag everything from INSIDE into 1.6.2ML.jar! (you can’t install this mod by dragging it into the mods folder)
  • If you use 7zip make sure to move the contents of assets/minecraft/textures/moremobsmod and the contents of assets/minecraft/textures/items seperately! Don’t replace anything! (WinRAR guys skip this step)
  • Start minecraft and make sure to enjoy


  • Updated to 1.7.10

Download More Wolves Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2/1.4.7

For 1.7.10/1.7.2

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

For 1.4.7/1.4.6

For 1.4.5

Credits: SimJoo

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