Mob Tools Mod 1.7.2

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Mob Tools Mod 1.7.2


Mob Tools is the first mod I made and now I have started a complete re-write. I scrapped the code from the original mod and have recreated it with so many more features. Since it was my first mod, it did not have much to offer. Now however, there is power in every tool (with drawbacks of course). So far, I have completed the infusion process and the framework for the tools. My coding system is very open and allows for quick and easy content addition. If you want to see my code, go over to my Github for the latest updates. I encourage you to follow me as I update this mod to something that it deserves. It is my first mod in concept, but with the experience I have gained from mods like Modular Furnace and Vulcan’s Revenge, I will make this mod one of my best. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do and please provide feedback if you have any ideas.

Getting Started

To get started in Mob Tools, you’ll want to craft yourself an Infusion Core. With this in hand, right click to claim it and start the activation process. You will see 4 different categories for filling the core. To fill the core, kill 100 creepers, endermen, spiders, and blazes. Once you have done so, you will see at the bottom of the tool tips to right click with 30 levels to activate. Do so, and the core will take 30 levels and will start to glow. Now, craft your Infusing Furnace. This furnace will be essential to creating the tools and wands from the mod.

The Infuser

The Infuser is what you will use to create your tools. This furnace has a few special properties, the first one you will notice is there is no fuel requirements. To compensate for this, the infusion will take a very long time. However, you can provide some help to your furnace in order to speed it up.

First: create a 5×5 layer of soul sand
Second: arrange bookshelfs around the furnace. The furnace can sense bookcases 2 blocks away from it and you can stack the bookcases 3 levels high
Third: if you have completed the steps before you may notice a boost in speed. To really boost speed, place some skulls around it. Each skull will provide a large amount of support for the furnace.

The furnace has three slots, the left most slot is the item you want to infuse into the middle slot. The last slot is the output. To create a tool, place a diamond tool in the center slot and then place a mob drop in the left slot to infuse the tool with the essence of the mob.

Supported mob drops are as follows:
Gunpowder: This will create creeper tools
Ender Pearl: This will create ender tools
Spider Eyes: This will create spider tools
Blaze Rods: ​This will create blaze tools

Core Tool Properties

Each tool set comes with properties that are unique to themselves.

Creepium Tools: Are very efficient, but carry low durability and can not be enchanted
Endium Tools: Very durable
Spidium Tools: Highly enchantable
Blazium Tools: Decent tool set, power lies in abilities


Gems are created by infusing diamonds with the respective mob drops. They can be used to repair you tools and are later used in the crafting recipe for the mob spawner core.


Each sword has its own special ability. Usage of the abilities will use durability

Creepium Sword: Right click to create an explosion.
Endium Sword: Shift + Right click to throw an ender pearl.
Spidium Sword: Shift + Right click to become invisible. Wanring: if you take any damage in this state you will die
Blazium Sword: If you are on fire, right click to extinguish yourself


Creepium Pickaxe: Right click with gunpowder in your inventory to mine a 3×3. This will consume the gunpowder.
Endium Pickaxe: Upon mining a block, it will not spawn in the world but will instead be placed in your inventory. Preventing possible loss
Spidium Pickaxe: Has the silk touch ability
Blazium Pickaxe: Auto-Smelts


Creepium Shovel: Digs a 3×3 with the same rules as the pick.
Endium Shovel: Same as pick
Spidium Shovel: No special ability
Blazium Shovel: No special ability


Creepium Axe: Will chop a 3x3x3 area
Endium Axe: Same as pick and shovel
Spidium Axe: Will also harvest leaves
Blazium Axe: ​Burns logs into charcoal


Creepium Hoe: Will till a 3×3 area
Endium Hoe: Looks kinda scary
Spidium Hoe: Shift right click to apply bonemeal effect. Takes durability
Blazium Hoe: Look like a bad-ass while you farm


Included in the mod are a group of wands to help you along in various ways. To create a wand, you first need to craft an inert wand core. Once you have done so, infuse it with the mob drop specific to the wand you desire. Then, infuse that core into a goldenrod to make your wand. These wands can not be repaired but will offer a large deal of help.
Creeper Wand: With the creeper wand, you can right click to spawn a small explosion around you. Be careful, this will break blocks
Ender Wand: Shift right click a block you wish to exchange from you inventory. If you shift right click the same block again, you will toggle the area of exchange. If you have the block you wish to exchange in your inventory, it will exchange it with the block you right click on in a flat area defined by the tool. Check the tools tips for helpful information regarding the current settings of the wand.
Spider Wand: If you are holding this wand, when you take damage you will damage the wand instead of yourself
Blaze Wand: Launches fireballs!

Ender Pads

Ender Pads are one of the few blocks in the mod. When you place an ender pad, it will default to north. Shift right click with an empty hand to change the direction. If you stand on the ender pad and shift, and there is another ender pad in the direction of the arrow on the top (distance set to 25 blocks, can be changed in the config) it will teleport you to the location of the other ender pad. When you craft the ender pad, you will get a set of two.

Mob Spawners

The mod also includes a system to create your own mob spawners. It is inspired by the mod soul shards and echoes many of its features

To start, you will need to craft a mob spawner cage. The spawner cage is the only block in the mod that has dynamic textures. The cage alone will do nothing until you inset a power core. The power core determines the behavior of the spawner. The power core is based on a system of tiers, each tier allows for different features in your mob spawner. If you have a power core on your hot bar that does not already have a mob type stored, it will store every kill of that mob. See the tool tips for help.

Each tier will allow for different abilities
Tier 0: This is what tier the core starts at, you must first kill 20 mobs to get to the next tier as this tier will not spawn anything
Tier 1: This tier will allow you to spawn animals. There must be low light levels and the player must be near the spawner
Tier 2: This tier will now allow you to spawn monsters
Tier 3: This tier will remove the light level requirement
Tier 4: This tier will spawn even if there is no player near
Tier 5: The spawner will respond to redstone signal and blazes can be spawned

To insert your core into the spawner cage, simply right click with it in your hand. To remove it, shift right click with an empty hand.

Each tier has its own cooldown, ranging from 2 min at tier 1 and 10 sec at tier 5. Each time it spawns, it will spawn 1 + the current tier.

Be careful, if you break the spawner with a core in it, you will lose the core.

If you want to remove the stored mob from the core, simply craft it with a bucket of water to remove all stored data. Mobs spawned with the mob spawners will not help you progress other power cores or the infuser core

Change log

v 2.0

  • Reworked the Infusion system, see Infusion page for more details
  • Infusion core is now cheaper and right click when completed summons alter
  • All tool sets can be infused, again see the new infusion system for more
  • Pretty much look at the Infusion page to see the new system that changed even the basics
  • Added the Infusion Focus, speeds up infusion


  • Hotfix for hunger amulet
  • Fixed crash when sending ender mail that is open

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Author: pauljoda

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