MineJobs bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4

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MineJobs bukkit plugins 1.6.4

It’s a lightweight jobs plugin designed to allow staff members to create and modify jobs for players on their servers. No fluff though. No major chat outputs; no over complicated commands. Just go to work, and get money. Players, depending on their jobs, can earn money by building, digging, or killing just about anything.

Commands and Permissions:

Commands: Description: Permission Node:
– /mj Shows plugin help. MineJobs.help
– /mj job Shows admin help. MineJobs.aHelp
– /job Alias for /mj job. Works for all sub commands.
– /mj job new <jobName> Creates a new job in config. MineJobs.newJob
– /mj job delete <jobName> Removes a job from the config. MineJobs.delJob
– /mj job addObj <jobName> <type:item:value> […] Adds an item to a job. MineJobs.addObj
– /mj job rmObj <jobName> <type:item> […] Removes items from a job. MineJobs.rmObj
– /mj job editObj <jobName> <type> <item> <value> Edits the value of an item. MineJobs.editObj
– /mj job addWorld <jobName> <world> […] Adds a world to a job. MineJobs.addWorld
– /mj job rmWorld <jobName> <world> Removes a world from a job. MineJobs.rmWorld
– /mj getJob <jobName> Assigns a player a job. MineJobs.getJob
– /mj getJob <jobName> <player> Assigns a different player a job. MineJobs.getJob.others
– /mj quitJob <jobName> Allows players to quit their jobs. MineJobs.quitJob
– /mj quitJob <jobName> <player> Kicks a person from their job. MineJobs.quitJob.others
– /mj listJobs Shows available jobs. MineJobs.viewJobs
– /mj reload Reloads plugin config. MineJobs.reload
Gives access to [Get A Job] signs. MineJobs.useGetSign
Gives access to [Quit A Job] signs. MineJobs.useQuitSign
Lets you make [Get A Job] signs. MineJobs.makeGetSign
Lets you make [Quit A Job] signs. MineJobs.makeQuitSign
Gives all permissions. MineJobs.*
Gives all permissions. MineJobs.admin
Gives getJob, quitJob, listJobs, and help. MineJobs.player


There are only two signs: Get and Quit. To make a [Get A Job] sign, make a new sign and write the top line as “[getajob]” (no quotes), and the third line as the name of the job. The same system goes for [Quit A Job] signs; only instead of line one being “[getajob]” it needs to be “[quitajob]”. (You saw that coming didn’t you.) Right clicking on these signs will give you the same output as if you were typing the command. Left click won’t do anything.


Installation is as simple as any other plugin. Drop it in your plugin folder! (Plugin requires Vault and an economy plugin to have any function.) Beyond that, follow the examples found in the config.yml





  • Fixed problems with config loading
  • Added sign support (Getjob and QuitJob)
  • Added an optional maximum to how many people can have a certain job at a time
  • Added tool multipliers to jobs

Download MineJobs bukkit plugins

For 1.6.4


Credits: eNnillaMS

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