LibelulaLogger Plugin 1.7.4

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LibelulaLogger Plugin 1.7.4

Libelula Logger is with no doubt the most effective anti-griefing tool you’ve ever seen. I believe you should not realize that a plugin is running until you need to use it, and this is a good example of my belief. You’ll love this plugin!


For it I have created a specific embedded DB engine called MEODE (Minecraft Event OrientedDatabase Engine) which allows this plugin to be extremely efficient. Libelula Logger is lagless and uses much less resources than the most general purpose plugins you’re probably already using. MEODE can record 61680 events in just 1 MB of hard disk and registers 1800* block break/place events in the same single game tic, undoubtedly much more than what your players can generate.

(*) Tested in a server which supports up to 200 users. (I bet it will perform better with better hardware, anyway it can process much more event than the players of your server can create).


Libelula Logger is a Great pluging, user-friendly, intuitive and very easy to use just like all Libelula plugins. Once installed it starts running with the default configuration and each time a player places or removes a block the event is registered by MEODE and nobody realizes it. When you find a construction/destruction made by a griefer you will be able to:

  1. Ask to LibelulaLogger who edited a block or an area.
  2. Use the repair tool for fixing it.
  3. Use the area undo/redo tool for a faster massive action.

Libelula Logger will tell you who, when and which. That’s all, effective clear and simple.


See Commands and permissions page for a detailed information.


Place the downloaded LibelulaLogger.jar file into your plugins directory and then run (or restart) the server. You also can use plugman (which is an incredible plugin) for loading it without restarting your server.


Libelula Logger is a ready-to-use plugin, you really don’t need to change anything on the configuration. Anyway, you probably want to adjust the event registering behavior to your server gameplay. Due to this I made the plugin completely flexible and configurable. All settings can be changed from console or gameplay commands.

Also there is a config.yml you can edit and reload if you prefer.


  • The most efficient data logging.
  • Lagless log/undo/redo operations.
  • No configuration required. Just install the plugin on your server, and you’re good to go.
  • Internal Minecraft-oriented DB engine faster than MySQL, SQLite and others.
  • Don’t need external DB configurations.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multi-world support.
  • Enable or disable any aspect of logging via configuration commands.
  • Select a radius area for rollbacks/restores.
  • Use WE selection tool for selecting an area for rollbacks/restores.
  • Uses bukkit permission system.
  • Safe default parameters.
  • MEODE API for developers.

Download LibelulaLogger Plugin 1.7.4

For 1.7.4

Author: ddonofrio

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