Land Defender Mod 1.8

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This mod is to be used with MinecraftForge 1.8

This mod allows players to use commands to claim, unclaim, or share chunks of land.

This mod is serverside only and should not be installed clientside.

If you are updating to 0.5.0 or later, all current claims will default to the Overworld, or dimension 0. You will need to have any players with claims in the Nether, End, or other dimension reclaim their chunks.

Land Defender now protects chunks from explosions for the protected chunk and the surrounding 8 chunks.


Player Commands

/claim – Claims the chunk you are standing in

/unclaim – Unclaims the chunk you are in, if you are the owner

/share <player> – Shares the land you have claimed with another player

/unshare <player> – Removes a shared player from the chunk you are standing in

/unshare all – Removes all shared players from the chunk you are in

/listchunks – Lists the chunk coordinates for all chunks that you own

/listchunks <player> Admin command to display a player’s chunk

/chunkinfo – Displays information on the chunk you are in, including the owner and any shared players

/tpchunk <x> <z> – Teleport to a chunk if you own it, or any chunk if you are an admin

Player Customized Protection Commands (0.3.0 and later)

/allow <block>

/deny <block>

Possible blocks to customize: chests, doors, furnaces, brewingstands, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, jukeboxes, signs, gates, enchantingtables, anvils, banners, beds, trapdoors, buttons, levers, beacons

Doors, trapdoors, buttons, levers, and enchantingtables are allowed by default;

All others are denied by default.

Defaults may be configurable in the future.

Admin Commands

/protect <name> – Allows administrators or operators to protect unlimited chunks that display the specified name, e.g. “Spawn”

/unprotect – Allows administrators or operators to remove any protection

/claimset <name> <# of claims> – Allows administrators to set the total number of allowed claims for a specific player

/claimadd <name> <# of claims> – Adds a specific number of claims to a player’s total allowed claims

/claimsubtract <name> <# of claims> – Subtracts a specific number of claims to a player’s total allowed claims


Total allowed chunks, default is 6

Protect and unprotect command permissions level, default is OP (4)

– (1) is any player, (2) is a player with cheats on, or creative mode

Unprotect can remove any protection, default true

– Changing this to false means that /unprotect will only unprotect admin-protected chunks

Change the prefix for displaying names in chat, default is “#”

Enable/disable displaying names in chat for regular players

Download Land Defender Mod

For 1.8

Author: wvaviator

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