Kadir Nck Shader Mod 1.8

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You need to install the GLSL Shaders Mod by Karyonix first, to use this Shaderpack!

GLSL Shaders Mod – wihtout that mod you dont can use my Shader

OptiFine – For more stable Fps







This Shader is developed on a nVidia GeForce GTX 680. Sorry if there are Bugs for AMD!

No, this shader is not based on SEUS!

(FOR v01.0) If you want more Shadow – Distance, go into composite.fsh and change in Line 8”05.0” to ”50.0”! (The shadow of your character looks a bit strange if you do this.)

(FOR v02.0 RC3 – v02.0 Release) If the Max. Bloom version is too bright for you just use the Low Bloom/No Bloom version!

(FOR v03.0 RC1 +) You can edit the bloom much more easy now. Just change in final.fsh in line 23 the number behind
”#define BLOOM_AMOUNT”. For example change 6 to 2.

Note: The links to v03.0 RC2 – RC4 will be posted on Page 9-10. They don’t have the Vintage look and they are not really finished.

Download Kadir Nck Shader Mod

For 1.8


Author: kadir_nck

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