Fake Ores Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

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Fake Ores Mod 1.7.10

This is a new mod will add fake ores in your Minecraft world. When you break a fake ore, an entity will spawn and attack you. All fake ores will drop item with chance to allow you to craft the Ore Boss spawner. When you beat this boss, you loot an Ore Boss Star allowing you to go to the Fake Ores Dimension.


Diamond Ore : 40 HP, Important damages, fast.
Emerald Ore : 45 HP, Important damages, fast.
Gold Ore : 25 HP, small damages, a little faster than diamond and emerald.
Iron Ore : 15 HP, small damages, fast.
Coal Ore : 20 HP, small damages, slow.
Redstone Ore : 20 HP, small damages, fast.
NetherQuartz Ore : 20 HP, small damages, fast.
Lapis Lazuli Ore : 15 HP, damage semi-major, fast.

Copper Ore : 20 HP, minor damages, fast.
Tin Ore : 30 HP, minor damages, fast.
Uranium Ore : 50 HP, minor damages, fast.(All these fake ores will drop an Fragment Boss when killed.)

Ore Boss :

800 HP, normal speed.The boss will attack you in 3 phases and will teleport randomly.
PHASE 1 : He will attack you attack in melee and will launch big fireball, So avoid being near him in this phase !YOU CAN RETURN HIS ATTACKS (fireballs only) !
PHASE 2 : In this phase, he will start teleportation cycle in rare and randomly time and will launch few projectiles (arrow and snowball)
PHASE 3 : In this final phase, he will teleport a little more often, in a random distance, this is the time to spam your left click with your diamond sword ! \o/. For his attacks, in this phase, will launch within a certain period, lightning and launch snowballs and arrows.At his death, he drop an Ore Boss Star used to activate the Fake Ores Dimension portal..

Player Hunter :

20 HP, fast, standard damages.
Mob Screenshot :
Posted Image

Flyer Demon :

20 HP, fast, medium damages. He can protect with a shield that can launch in a irregular delay. Can create a path of ice upon contact with water and an obsidian path upon contact with the lava.
Mob Screenshot :
Posted Image

Schaza :

30 HP, fast, small dmaages. He have the ability to climb the blocks.
You can ride this mob ! (to do that, you need a Pass Card).
He can spawn smoke particle and fly in a large speed in random time (except if mounted).
Mob Screenshot :
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Portal Appearance :Posted ImageItems & Crafts

Anti Ores Blade:

Posted Image
This weapon allow you to one shot alive ores (fake ores).WARNING : IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ANOTHER MOBS !The AntiOre stone is rare, when you find it, DON’T COLLIDE ! IT WILL INFLICT YOU SEVERE DAMAGE AND YOU WILL (MAYBE) DIE !

Cooked Obsidian :

Posted Image
The cooked obsidian (or call it “Red Obsidian”) will allow you to build the portal to go to the Fake Ores Dimension.

Ore BOSS Spawner :

Posted Image
When you collect 4 fragments (shown in the picture) loot from mobs and 4 golden ingot and 1 iron block, You will craft an item allow you to spawn the Ore boss.

Fake Ores Finder :

Posted Image
This item allow you to find fake ores which are near the player.


Posted Image
This item allow you to ride the mob Schaza.This item don’t have any restrictions for the time.


The Blurk / Daren / Purlight / Rainbow are very rare materials from the FakeOres Dimension, the rarest of them is the Rainbow.These 4 materials will (in a future version) allow you to make new objects, but for now; you can only make decorative blocks:

Posted Image

And it work like this :

Posted Image


Download Fake Ores Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Author: elias54



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