Energy Drinks Mod 1.7.10

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Energy Drinks Mod

This mod of iiReaperz


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” I came up for the inspiration for this mod while watching a red bull ad on t.v. and thought how funny it would be if Steve drank re bull and started jumping around like he had super powers, then i thought wait a second I’m a modder why dont i make this into a mod… So I did. I’ve only added two so far because yeah I just thought to do this less then an hour ago but if you want an energy drink added to the mod just post a comment below and ill add it probably tomorrow morning.”


Monster Energy

After you drink this you well truly unleash the beats.

You get potion effect Haste, Jump Boot, Run Speed and Damage…


Gives more then just wings..

This one will give you everything you need to move when you are in a hurry including Heal, Haste, Jump Boost, and Move Speed.

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For 1.7.10

Author: iiReaperz

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