Elemental Creepers Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2

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Elemental Creepers Mod 1.7.10

Elemental Creepers is a mod that, simply put, adds a quite a few Element based (and other types) creepers into your game.

Disclaimer: This is a reboot of the old Elemental Creepers mod by xSmallDeadGuyx

The Creepers

Fire Creeper

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A dastardly little fellow that spews fire when it explodes. They also love swimming in lava.

Water Creeper

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 This guy just spills water everywhere, and is rather inconsiderate about it.

Electric Creeper

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 Some think this creep may have once been Thor’s pet, or at least his punching bag.

Earth Creeper

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 He likes to fill your inventory with something dirty that you probably have a ton of by the time you meet him.

Reverse Creeper

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Everything in the world seems down to him, so he’ll put it all right-side up (from his perspective at least).

Snow Creeper

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Wants everything to be a winter wonderland.

Light Creeper

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He’ll surely brighten up your day.

Dark Creeper

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It’s lights out when this guy is on the prowl, probably because he get’s a really bad sunburn during the day.

Cookie Creeper

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Does the opposite of Cookie Monster: makes cookies appear instead of eating them!

Illusion Creeper

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All he does is hang out with himselves.

Magma Creeper

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 Elemental Creepers Mod 1.7.2

Likes to play with a certain hot liquid and dislikes a cool one.

Psychic Creeper

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 Can’t really read your palm when you’re up in the air now, can he.

Spider Creeper

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Technically not even a spider due to having 6 legs, but arguing with him about just turns it into a sticky situation.

Friendly Creeper [WIP]

Important: This Creeper is still a work in progress and is rather buggy. He will not spawn naturally, but can be spawned with an egg.

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Aww, look at them with their little heart! AND THEY CAN HAVE BABIES! How can I get one!?…Wait, WHAT?! They’re CANNIBALS!…I’m somewhat OK with this…

Stone Creeper

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 This guy just does not like stone, despite being made of it. Must’ve had a rocky up bringing.

Wind Creeper

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Runs like the wind, and blows like a hurricane…what’s so funny?

Ender Creeper

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 I can faintly hear a wolf. Sounds like it’s in dire danger.

Solar Creeper

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Poor little Bobby here was mocked by how small his explosions are and how his hat looks stupid. Boy, did he get really angry during lunch time.

Hydrogen Creeper

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EU and Flux Creeper

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These guys were always a tad off. Never really like technology, probably because they’d always break it or make machines short out.

(Requires IC2 and a mod that uses Redstone Flux respectively)

Download Elemental Creepers Mod

For 1.8


For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Author: Lomeli12

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