Decoration Mega Pack Mod 1.8

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Current Features

  • 12 cabinets, base and upper
  • 6 basic wood chairs
  • 6 basic wood chairs with armrests
  • 6 basic wood end tables
  • 6 basic wood tables
  • 12 small stands for flower pots
  • 16 wool curtains
  • 6 wood curtain rods
  • Cutting table

Planned Features

  • Interior decorations
  • Exterior decorations
  • Small structures


Basic wood chairs, with or without armrests


Basic wood end tables


Small stands – designed for displaying flower pots


Table and chairs sample


Wool curtains with wood curtain rods


Cutting table, used for making materials to build decorations


Decoration Mega Pack is a new 1.8 mod with an ambitious goal: offer a large variety of decorative objects to help you add depth and character to your worlds. The mod is a work in progress, and is nowhere near mega yet, but the plan is to add lot’s of interesting and useful content.



Version 1.13

  • Possible fix to server-side crashes with base cabinets.

Download Decoration Mega Pack Mod

For 1.8

Old version

Author: 10paktimbits

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