Command Kit bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

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Category : Bukkit Plugins

Development stage: Release

Developer : razorblur,Gubele

Compatible : Minecraft 1.6.4, Minecraft 1.6.2

V 2.3.2
CommandKit is a Plugin which was written through 3 months. There are many useful and funny commands. This Plugin began with only one command and got better and better. I am sorry for some of my mistakes and hope there are no errors or something like that. Much fun with my Plugin.

This Plugin requires BattleConomySystem 


+ Many Commands.
+ Simple Usage.
+ For every Player Kill you get 5 Dollar.
+ Blocks EnderDragon Portal.
+ The Enderdragon makes more damage.
+ Shops for the End world.
+For every other Kill you get 1 Dollar.

Features for the Future:

Dynamic Config
More Commands
Edit Name Tags

Bypass Permissions:

Globalmute: ck.globalmute.bypass
Kickall: ck.antikick

Video German:

Commands and Permissions:

Commands: Permissions: Description:
/cvanish (player) (player) ck.cvanish Makes you invisible for all Players.
/armor (player) leder/gold/diamant/eisen ck.armor Gives you a armor.
/b (player) (time) ck.b Let somebody burn to death.
/chat (player) (message) Chat in the Name of a other Player.
/cc Clears the Global Chat.
/cenchant (Enchantment) Level ck.cenchant Enchant a Item to a high Level.
/ck Shows a List of all commands.
/commandkit Shows the list of all commands.
/ctp (Player) ck.ctp Teleport you to a Player.
/dmg (player) (dmg) ck.dmg Steal somebody some Life.
/exp set/give (player) (amount) ck.exp Give a User Levels.
/exp info (player) ck.exp See the Exp of a User.
/ga (item) (amount) All Online Users get items.
/gm You get Gamemode.
/gm (player) Give a other Player Gamemode.
/globalmute ck.globalmute Aktivates/Deaktivates the Globalmute.
/hban (player) ck.hban Bans the Player.
/h ck.h Heals yourself.
/hkick (player) ck.hkick Simpel kick.
/k (player) [nodrop/droparmor/dropitems] ck.k Kills a Player.
/kickall -all ck.kickall Kicks all Online Players.
/meta [Color] (name) ck.meta Rename a Item.
/noarmor ck.noarmor Delete aArmor.
/nomove ck.nomove Nobody can move.
/ck reload ck.reload Reloads the Config.
/stun ck.stun Gives you a Stun sword.
/stun time (seconds) ck.set Set the Time of the Stun time
/team Displays the Server Team
/th (player) (1,2,3) Sends lightnings to a player.
/time (day/night) ck.time Set the Time.

Sign Shop Guide:

This shops work only in the end world.

10 50 50 100

Name dit

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