ChatLog Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.9

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ChatLog Mod 1.7.10

Ever been on a Minecraft multiplayer server, and someone says something? Yeah. Everyone who plays on a server must have heard someone saying something in chat. There is so much chat going around that you don’t feel it’s worth screenshooting, if you hadn’t ever seen chat before I guess you could have done that.

But let’s say another player connects, and he’s desperate to know about what some random guy has said. You try to help him by scrolling up to the top of chat only to find that what was said had just been knocked off the chat history.


  • Saves all chat, automatically, to a folder called “chatlogs” in .minecraft
  • Only one class file
  • Saves colors!
  • Several color themes to select from
  • Doesn’t send anything to the server, meaning it won’t say anything in your place
  • You won’t even notice it’s there
  • Compatible with most other mods
  • Does not require ModLoader or Forge
  • All messages are timestamped
  • Configuration file (.minecraft\config\


Installation ChatLog Mod 1.7.10/1.7.9/1.7.8/1.7.7

for Minecraft 1.6.4+

Simply run the installer. You can select to install the mod for Forge, create a new profile for ChatLog, or install ChatLog in one of your existing profiles. If you do the latter, remember to back up your jar file!

for Minecraft Classic 0.30

  1. The Minecraft Classic version of ChatLog requires the OpenClassic client to run. Download it and run it to install the client.
  2. When OpenClassic has loaded, close it.
  3. Run the ChatLog installer and choose to install ChatLog for OpenClassic.
  4. Let installation finish, the close the installer.
  5. Run OpenClassic. ChatLog should now be working.

for Minecraft 2.0

  1. Download the old Minecraft launcher
  2. Log in and run the game.
  3. Close the game. Download Minecraft 2.0 in your preferred flavor 
  4. Copy the minecraft.jar file from the downloaded zip to your bin folder in .minecraft, replacing the one that’s already there.
  5. Open the minecraft.jar file you just placed in .minecraft/bin with an archiver like 7-zip or WinRAR, and copy the ChatLog mod file into the jar. Delete META-INF, then close the archiver.
  6. Launch the old Minecraft launcher again. If all goes well, the menu screen in Minecraft will show a huge purple splash screen reading “APRIL FOOLS!”. Create a new singleplayer world, and say something in chat. The chat should now be stored in .minecraft/chatlogs.

Download ChatLog Mod 1.7.10/1.7.9/1.7.8/1.7.7

For 1.8


For 1.7

Author:  bilde2910

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