Chat Control bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

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Chat Control is powerful antispam, antiadvertisement and antibot plugin! Block duplicate messages, mute whole chat, clear the chat, block advertisements (block message, inform staff, log into file) and much more!


Chat management and anti spam

  • Block duplicate messages
  • Block duplicate commands
  • Set up message and command delay
  • Block chat until player move on join

Anti Advertisement

  • Powerful integrated anti advertisement.
    • Customizable filters (Unique feature!)
  • Blocks IPv4, ports, domains
  • Extra: Blocks hosting! (Useful when you’re from Slovakia)
  • Whitelist
  • Store ads in file, broadcast it and send it to the staff online
  • Trigger custom command
  • Check signs for advertising (v4.1.9+)
  • Replace ad on sign with optional text. (v4.1.9+)

Chat muting

  • Disable chat, join / quit messages and death messages!
  • Broadcast on mute / unmute with reason!

Chat clearing

  • Easy clear chat with reason!
  • Optional: Broadcast message!

Anti Caps

  • Define custom filter (RegEx)
  • Enable / disable
  • Whitelist
  • Trigger custom command Back soon.

Anti swear

  • Poweful anti-swear
  • Supports regular expressions
  • Define worlds and actions
  • Replace whole message with sentence you define.
  • Trigger custom command


  • Capitalise sentence
  • Insert dot at the end.


  • Automatically update configuration
  • Notify new version
  • Toogleable

Chat saver

  • Save entire chat conversation to file. Unlike console output, this will save only player messages.
  • Can specify players to ignore or completely turn this off.

Simple Anti Bot

  • Define rejoin time (The time before player next logging in game).

Anti Console Spam

  • Remove console spam messages
  • Define custom filters
  • Toogleable

Protect server (v4.2.2+)

  • Prevent tab complete (eg. typing / and tab reveal all server commands)

You can turn every feature off, or change every message!



Note: Reason is optional.

  • /chatcontrol m <reason> -> Mute / Unmute the chat
  • /chatcontrol c <reason> -> Clear the chat
  • /chatcontrol r -> Reload the plugin
Developer features
  • When developer joins the game he will get silent message that the plugin is present (Metrics alternative).


  1. Copy .JAR file to Plugins folder
  2. Restart server. Do not use /reload or PlugMan.

Download Chat Control bukkit plugins

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

Authors: craftik7

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