Build Faster Mod 1.7.10

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Build Faster Mod 1.7.10


Now bigger and (hopefullly) better!  With Copy and Paste!

Eight new tools to make your creative life easier.
Place multiple blocks at once; place blocks in mid air; replace selected blocks with a different type;  move, copy, or delete structures millions of blocks in size.

All point-and-click with no pesky command line interface!

You’ll find the new tools on their own tab in creative.

For the instant tools (wands, sceptre, orb):

  • Put the tool in your hotbar, and put the block you want to place in the slot to the right. (blank slot places air)
  • The number of tools controls how many blocks you place at once (eg a stack of 8 wands will place 8 blocks at once).
  • Hold control and scroll the mousewheel to change the stack size quickly.
  • Right click to place. Left click to undo (up to 5x).
  • Hold control while clicking to allow diagonal lines / diagonal filling.

For the powerup tools (Staff tools):

  • Select a Staff and place it in your hotbar
  • Right click on a structure to select your target; then right click to drag around.  Right click again to stop dragging, left click to cancel selection.  Rotate and Flip possible too (CTRL + mousewheel, CTRL + right click).
  • Hold right button down to move, copy, or delete the selection at the current location.
  • Hold left button down to undo.
  • Use the Boundary Claw if necessary to control which blocks you select.

Basic steps

  1. Choose a profile for your BuildFaster mod (create a new one if you want)
  2. Run Minecraft 1.7.10 at least once.
  3. Download Forge installer for 1.7.10 and run it.
  4. Download BuildFaster and copy it to your mods folder
  5. Run Minecraft from the BuildFaster profile.

Download Build Faster Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: TheGreyGhost

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