BoostBoots Plugin 1.7.2

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Boost Boots is a plugin that, when activated allows you to get an awesome pare of diamond, iron and leather boots that, when right clicked can speed you up! For example, if I?m stranded in the desert and just want to go faster, I can get my self a pare of Speed Boots by using the following commands:


boostboots <get> <what kind of boots> ? This is the Basic command to get the boots. The boots will spawn into your inventory, and all you got to do is right click on them to get your speed power!


boostboots.use ? The ONLY necessary permission to get these boots!


An awesome set of Diamond, Iron and Leather boots, with custom lore and meta, of course, that when activated will allow you to go faster by giving you an awesome power, the never ending speed potion effect!

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Author: MarinD99

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