ZombieCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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ZombieCraft Mod 1.6.4



A complete remake of ZombieCraft Classic. Taken to a whole new level, with proper multiplayer and map making support from the start. Currently in its 3rd beta, very stable and polished.

  • Waves of zombie hordes that progress in numbers, health, and speed
  • 15 Weapons and items to battle off the zombies
  • Improved AI Comrade perk to help watch your back, can be given any weapon
  • Speed Cola, Juggernog, Charge and ExStatic perk machines
  • 5 maps so far: Nacht, Last Resort, Observation Deck, Verruckt, and a more open map called Invasion
  • Built-in Single/Multiplayer map making support

Check your control settings in game for conflicts in red!

  • Play Singleplayer: Run the game, click ZombieCraft button, choose a map and play.
  • Play Multiplayer: Set up server, join server, type /zc to go to and from ZombieCraft realm, Use ZC_Menu key, start game, need ops to change map for now.
  • Change Map: Being op, enable edit mode, type map name, hit generate. Map cycle list and vote feature coming soon.
  • Make Maps: Read the text files in the download zip for a thorough guide.


  • First install Minecraft Forge
  • Download ZombieCraft Mod
  • Extract the zip, and copy the contents of the folder inside into your %appdata%\.minecraft folder.



– MysteryBox!
— Supports custom item list

– First iteration of overall config enhancement, mysterybox and mob spawner now have custom guis for extra options

– Mob Spawner Config
— Custom entity (really only supports EntityZCImp and EntityZCZombie right now, more coming)
— initial wave delay option
— fixed spawn delay
— random spawn delay
– Activation Conditions (able to use all or any at once)
— Block Watch (the existing method)
— Player Proximity
— Trigger dist
— Wave
— Wave Min for Activate
— Wave Max for Activate

– Map Config button in the edit GUI
— Custom lighting, supports ‘nether’, or CSV of 16 floating point numbers, minecraft has 16 light levels, so you can define all 16 brightness values of each level, negatives do weird effects!
— Custom time lock, supports ‘noon, midnight, or specific time 0-24000’
— Customizations for mob count, health, speed, and move leading


– barricade repair not counting first repair (it was actually always 5 points behind)
– sounds:
— reloading sound via key
— round start, round end
— headshot
– zombie health and speed buffs
– visual on tile entity spawners not updating
– creative mode players getting teleported along with survival mode on map generation
– Zombie death particles less intrustive
– Comrade flees on low health again
– Improvement on the session GUI, instructions on how to use it
– Revised SMP teleportation rules to prevent state where non op player is stuck with unplayable ZC


– Entity AI has been updated to my new generation stuff used in HostileWorlds / Tropicraft, paves way for more entity variation in maps
– Subtle Comrade gun firing animation tweaks
– Barricade collision works cleaner now, no bounce back method for players, zombies also dont go through doors if door noclip is on, players should be able to walk over them too

Map & Gameplay Changes

– Nacht:
— Added functional mysterybox

– Invasion:
— Increased base zombie speed
— Increased amount of speed and health gained per wave

– Last Resort:
— Tweaked spawner timings in initial room for quicker action
— Added functional mysterybox

– Observation Deck:
— Added functional mysterybox
— Redid the area around the mysterybox to promote barricading up
— Improved balence of upstairs area with powerup

– Verruct:
— Added functional mysterybox

Download ZombieCraft Mod

For 1.6.4


For 1.6.2



For 1.5.2



For 1.5.1



For 1.5


For 1.4.7


For 1.4.5


Credits: Corosus


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