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Zombe’s Modpack for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2/1.5.1


Made by Tanzanite

List of singleplayer only mods in current release:

  • boom – aka Damage Control
  • build – aka Classic Building -not currently working
  • cart – aka Cart Control
  • chest – aka Autostore
  • death – aka Death Behavior
  • dig – aka Digging Adjustments
  • furnace – aka Custom Smelting Recipes
  • growth – aka Plant Growth
  • icon – aka Container Content Icons
  • items – aka Item/Block Properties
  • ore – aka Ore Redistribution
  • recipe – aka Custom Crafting Recipies – not currently working
  • resize – aka Critter Size Variety
  • spawn – aka Critter Spawn Control
  • teleport – aka Teleportation
  • weather – aka Weather Control

List of singleplayer and multiplayer mods in current release:

  • cheat – aka Cheat
  • cloud – aka Cloud Control
  • compass – aka Compass
  • craft – aka Craft All Key
  • fly – aka Flying -On SMP you need the Essentials /fly command or IBelieveIcanFly plugin
  • info – aka World Information
  • path – aka Path Tracker
  • sun – aka Sun Control
  • safe – aka Critter Spawn Highlighter
  • wield – aka Wield Key


  • In case you missed: F7 (default) shows/hides the in-game options screen.
  • Always use this thread to get the updates as this is the ONLY official place for it – never any other place (pretty much all of them spread outdated stuff or worse).

Changes in this release:


  • Compatibility: updated for Minecraft 1.6.2


To install this modpack, you must first locate your local Minecraft folder. It depends on your OS:

You can skip this part entirely if you are using a mod-installation tool like MCPatcher, MagicLauncher or else, and if it worked of course. Then, starting from this folder, you will have to do the following:

  • 1) Create a subfolder named mods/zombe
  • 2) Locate bin/minecraft.jar
    • a) Make a backup copy of bin/minecraft.jar, just in case
    • b) Open bin/minecraft.jar as a Zip file with a tool like 7-zip
    • c) In this minecraft.jar, delete the subfolder ‘META-INF’
  • 3) Go in the ‘Classes’ subfolder of this modpack’s archive
    • Copy every .class file from it into bin/minecraft.jar
  • 4) Go in the ‘config’ subfolder of this modpack’s archive
    • Copy every .txt file from it into mods/zombe

Read Readme page for the full instruction



For 1.6.2


For 1.6.1


For 1.5.2





For 1.5.1





For 1.5


For 1.4.7/1.4.6


For 1.4.5


Credits: ZombesModpack

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