Youtubers+ Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Youtubers+ Mod

This mod adds youtubers and other people into minecraft.
The Youtubers are Naturally aggressive to hostile mobs so will work in mob battles
The youtubers will put on any armor and use any tool/weapon that you click them with
to get them to drop the tool/weapon/armor just click them with another tool/weapon/armor of similar type

The player can trade with the Youtubers for items related to that Youtubers videos
for example ZexyZek trolled somone with “Red Water” so you can trade him for “Red Water”(renamed Lava bucket)
Sethbling and Mr.Mumbo do redstone videoes so they trade redstone items

This Mod Also adds in structures that go with each youtuber which is where they will spawn
for example FuriousDestroyer’s (PopularMMOs) Mob Battle Arena


v1.7  for MC 1.8

  • A port to minecraft version 1.8
  • player trader is broken
  • a few spawners dont render corectly(they still work)
  • your tamed youtubers wont attack your other tamed youtubers
  • Structure spawners are now finite in survival mode

v1.7  for MC 1.7.10


  • Trades can be used Infinatly many times
  • fixed Dr.Trayaurus’ name
  • changed Butter to Budder
  • fixed bugs in Player system
  • added offline mode
  • added Over powerd item limiter
  • added many cLucky Drops money dropped is now effected by looting
  • Diamond minecart is now craftable(Diamond block despawning near a minecart and 4 primed tnt)
  • added trades to Super Girly Gamer
  • added trades to Furious destroyer
  • added trades to ASFJerome
  • added drops to Super Girly Gamer
  • added drops to Furious destroyer
  • Added so many things I cant remember them all

youtubers Added

ibalisticsquid, captainsparkelz, syndicate, LDShadowLady, Superchache39, stampylongnose, prestonplayz, Thnxcya, Munching orange, aureylian, Zueljin, swimmingbird941, antvenom, thinknoodles, Jericho, Omgitsfirefoxx, Ashleymariee, smallishbeans, ihascupquake, stacyplays, zombiunicorn, XRPMX13, Lachlan, tbnrfrags, ElRichMC, PeteZahHutt, NoochM, MrCrainer, YouAlwaysWin, mlgHwnt, ashdubh, Slamacow, chimneyswift11, Jacksepticeye, vanoss, logdotzip, TBNRKENNWORTH, Cube Hamster, SqaisheyQuack, NiceMarkMC, mr.williamo, FalseSymmetry, TangoTek, CavemanFilms, Blue Monkey, TurtleDerp, Grapeapplesause, Genericb, luzu, bystaxx, willyrex, vegeta777, SlyFoxHound, paragonnova, SSohPKC, Kootra, ImmortalHD, TheDexterManning, ZeRoyal, Sp00nerism, GoldenBlackHawk, TheDanzNewz, graser10, Biggs87x, Zailetsplay, WeedLion, Strauberryjam, XBayani, Hbomb94, FollowKevn, Pythongb, ImpulseSV, CyaNideEPIC, ali a, masterovv, seedeng, Lifesimmer, RockedSolid, thorin102, SylerGames11, ielhan/EliteEGN, Leemanardo, DxtoryMC, siblingpower, Uglydollsrock9, MCRuler234, doucet81

Pets/mobs added

  • Grim(TDM)
  • Bomby(PopularMMOs)
  • Yodeling snail

Items added

  • Advanced EnderPearl(WIP)
  • Obsidian infused Emerald
  • Pink Gem
  • Super Diamond(currently useless)
  • Reinforced Budder
  • UltimaBudder
  • InfinaBudder

Armor added

  • PopularMMO’s Armor
  • SuperGirlyGamer’s Dress
  • Xisuma’s Armor(creative)
  • Biffa’s Armor(creative)
  • TrueMU’s SpaceSuit(creative)
  • LittleLizard’s lizard suit(creative)
  • Budder Armor
  • Reinforced Budder Armor
  • UltimaBudder Armor
  • InfinaBudder Armor
  • TDM Goggles
  • Ssundee’s Sunglasses
  • Mr.Crainer’s Amazing Shirt Of Crazy Epicness

Blocks added

  • TNT Map Destroyer

structures added

  • Fansion
  • Crundee SkyFactory 1
  • Stampy’s House
  • SkyBlock
  • Jen’s House
  • Floating Castle
  • supercat765’s Maze Mod Maze
  • Mr.Crainer’s Crazy Craft Castle
  • Diamond Minecart Factory


added new youtubers

  • Bodil40
  • CraftyGarrett
  • CrookedReign
  • Dartron
  • deadlox
  • ExplodingTNT
  • ghosteez
  • GoldSolace
  • Kkcomics
  • OkwardIndustries
  • PerpetualJordan
  • RealTBNRkenWorth
  • Simonhds90
  • SubZeroExtabyte
  • Vikkstar123
  • ypperin

Added Bodil Prank Kits one item spawning many tnt minecarts


added 3 new structures

  • Snowy Mountain: TheCodyMaveric spawns inside
  • Potato house: PwnagePotato or MunchingBrotato spawns inside
  • Butter Castle: Sky spawns inside

Updated ALL Structures to include more loot.

Completed Bank

Added Bank Cards

Bank Cards allow the holding player to transfer money from their inventory to the bank.  each material upgrade raises the max deposit.  redstone and above will auto craft the money to optimize the space.

New Giant Potato Block

new Butter Block(Currently useless)

added 8 new youtubers

  • ItsHarry
  • ItsJerry
  • pwnagepotato
  • TheCodyMaverick
  • Joebuz
  • jeb_
  • Grumm
  • Jmanmc

added 4 new structures

  • Xisuma’s Wasteland base
  • Tobuscus Tower
  • RocketShip(TrueMU)
  • Giant tree(Monkeyfarm)

added ability to limit which youtubers will appear

  • fixed bug caused by clicking a youtuber with a youtuber spawn egg
  • fixed ability to fight


  • added 20 more YouTuber types
  • made SkytheKidRS run from squids
  • made supercat765 run from wolves
  • made HuskyMudkipz run from people in pokemon trainer outfits
  • made HuskyMudkipz drop raw fish
  • made Bashurverse drop Melon
  • made Youtubers tameable with the top 3 currency values
    • 1 million is instantly tamed
    • 500 thousand is 50/50
    • 100 thousand is 1 in 10

when tamed click on the Youtuber to with any money and that will toggle them sitting

made YouTubers use Money as currancy
made all mobs drop Money depending on there max health, attack damage, knockback resistance and speed

added structures
The Tree Of Epic Proportions
—-a tree made of diamonds, gold and emeralds based on the tree of similar materials from OreSpawn
—-a rare alternative to the Mob Arena
Melon House
—-a tiny house made of melons Bashurverse’s place
Keralis Fried Chicken
—-Keralis1’s place

finnished MrMumbo’s Jungle Base
added paths radiating from the main base

Download Youtubers+ Mod

For 1.8

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

Old version

For 1.6.4

Author: supercat765

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