You Are The Zombie Mod 1.6.4

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Farmer Steve

Tired of being a poor Steve ?
Become a zombie with this mod !

Features :

  • You burn at sunlight ! (helmet useful…)
  • You always have at least 2 armor point !
  • Zombies and Skeletons no longer drop experience but don’t attack you !
  • Villagers move away of you but give 5 experience !
  • You have Zombie skin and type (undead) !
  • When killing a villager, you can infect it : he become a Zombie Villager (like regular zombies) !
  • You can eat rotten flesh safely !
  • Zombies and Skeletons can always be stuffed !
  •  War between Zombies and Steves !
  • You can find chest with diamonds inside in the nature, protected by a Ninja Steve !
  • If you hold a rotten flesh, Zombies follow you !
  • Sleep at day ! Wake up at night !
  • In the Nether, you can encounter a group of Pyromancer Steves, protecting each one an ore block !
  • You hold your arms like a real zombie.
  • Killing a villager restore hunger !
  • No longer bread or red apples are available in the bonus chest, instead, rotten flesh !
  • Giving bows to Zombies make them firing arrows like Skeletons !

World full of Steves !

  • The Farmer Steve, villager’s friend.
  • The Patroller Steve, villages guardian.
  • The Elite patroller Steve, elite villages guardian.
  • The Archer Steve, defending his territory with his bow.
  • The Elite archer Steve, real sniper with his bow.
  • The Ninja Steve, expert at sprinting and jumping.
  • The Summoner Steve, summoning Summoned Steves (logical !).
  • The Mini-boss Steves, they are two :
  • The Pyromancer Steve, Nether’s terror !
  • The Necromancer Steve, Ender’s horror !
  • The Doctor Steve, Steves’ personal healer (but he will not heal you…).
  • The Santa Steve, who can drop items among 100 possibilities !
  • The Miner Steve, blacksmith’s helper.

In dark caves, you can find the Mob Saloon ! 



  • Giving bows to Zombies make them firing arrows like Skeletons
  • Mob Saloon added
  • Resource Pack

Download You Are The Zombie Mod 1.6.2

For 1.6.2

Credits: Atomot

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