Xth’uoth Mod 1.7.10

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Xth’uoth Mod 1.7.10

There are innumerable dimensions in our universe and I have explored many. I have seen a myriad of wondrous things in my travels: immense fortresses made of dark, blood-red brick hovering over gigantic lakes of boiling lava, and guarded by deadly fiends whose mere touch promises a slow and painful death; expansive underground labyrinths whose halls are patrolled by fierce half-man half-bull beasts who would no sooner gore you on their horns than lob off your head; a gigantic floating island made of white stone in the middle of the void, home to frightening slender beings and a terrible winged dragon. Yet none of those experiences prepared me for what I would encounter in Xth’uoth.

-Excerpt from Natures of the Realms Chapter XXVII

Welcome to Xth’uoth, a Thaumcraft addon that adds a new deadly dimension to the Minecraft universe! Xth’uoth is filled (or will be soon, anyway) of fantastic, if not dangerous, denizens, yet great treasure awaits those who can survive this perilous realm! If you think you have the mettle to travel to Xth’uoth and endure its hazards, then begin your journey by downloading this mod below!

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For 1.7.10


Author: Aurilux

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