WTF’s Adventurecraft Mod 1.7.10

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WTF’s Adventurecraft Mod


Adventurecraft is a mod which tweaks gameplay to make less about mining, and more about exploring.  It designed for exploration focused mod-packs which use other mods to populate the world, and has built in compatibility for Underground Biomes Constructs.

Harder Mining

Mining stone blocks take a lot longer.  However, mining an ore block fractures, adjacent stone blocks into cobblestone.  In order to prevent abuse, placement of mined ore blocks is also stopped.

Nitre and Sulphur Ores

Which drop unrefined saltpetre, and sulphur.  3 parts saltpetre, 1 part sulphur, and 1 part charcoal gives you gunpowder, which you’ll need to make TNT if you want to do any mining.

Better explosions

Creepers and TNT now drop all blocks, much more useful for mining.  Creeper and TNT explosions also fracture some of the stone into cobblestone at the edge of the explosion.

Falling Dirt and Cobblestone

Dirt and cobblestone placed in the world are stable unless disturbed, however they don’t make great building materials.  Placing dirt or cobblestone without a block underneath will it to fall.

Tinkers Constructs + Under Ground Biome Ore Overlay

Ore ubification of tinkers construct ores


Special thanks to Zeno410 for his help with UBC, an absolutely awesome mod, and to CoolAlias, for letting me use his modified explosion class from his very awesome mod Zelda Sword Skills.

Download WTF’s Adventurecraft Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: WhiskyTangoFox

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