World Handler Mod 1.8

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World Handler Mod

The World Handler provides a smart GUI for people without having to know any complex commands and gives them a look inside the art of Minecraft map and world making. Now anyone can easily create maps or just save a few ammount of time and provides an easy to use interface.

  • Ingame interface for commands and map settings
  • Fits with your texture pack (x16 or x32 Build-in)
  • No troubleshooting due to Forge (or ModLoader if available)
  • Requires Forge (or ModLoader if available)
  • Requires Java 7

Install WearMC Mod


1. Run and follow the installation


Before Installing

1. Goto “%appdata%\.minecraft\mods\config”
2. Delete folder “worldhandler”

Installation with Forge

Before start: Make sure Minecraft Forge has already been installed
1. Goto “%appdata%\.minecraft\mods”
2. Copy the WorldHandler-[VERSION].jar in it
3. Open up your Minecraft Launcher.
4. Edit your profile
5. Select Forge as your version
6. Run Minecraft

Installation with ModLoader (1.6.2)

Before start: Make sure ModLoader has already been installed
1. Download “World Handler GUI”
2. Goto “%appdata%\.minecraft\versions\”
3. Copy all files of the World_Handler_GUI_[VERSION].zip into the 1.6.2ML.jar
4. Run Minecraft

Download WearMC Mod

For 1.8



Author: Exopandora

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