Witchery Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Witchery Mod 1.7.10

Witchery adds witchcraft and nature magic to Minecraft: cauldrons, broomsticks, ritual circles, magical brews, a bit of necromancy and voodoo for good measure; all topped off with a fetching pointy hat.


Witchery allows players to explore the magical art of witchcraft and though it, to learn to control the natural magic present in the world (and sometimes other dimensions).

Witchery provides several branches of witchcraft for a new witch or warlock to try their hand at. Witchcraft does not really resemble the flashy spell-casting performed by wizards and their ilk. There are no magic wands or spell books, enchanted armor or flaming swords; instead, a well tended witch’s garden will provide a lot of helpful ingredients for magic that will get you out of the occasional scrape.

There are of course darker sides to magic; and although these may bring power more quickly, the cost may be too high. Making bargains with demons should never be undertaken lightly!

Notable features

  • Witches Garden
  • Brewing with a Kettle
  • Poppets and Voodoo Dolls
  • Dream Weaving
  • Circle Magic and Rituals
  • Necromancy
  • Dimensional Infusions
  • Mutation
  • New mobs, plants and plant mobs



  • TWEAK: Added German translations for 0.18.0
  • TWEAK: Added Russian translations for 0.18.0
  • FIX: You can now pick up Hollow Tears with a bucket
  • FIX: You can now use a bucket to add and remove Hollow Tears and Flowing Spirit into tanks.
  • FIX: Added texture for Flowing Spirit and Hollow Tears to tanks.


  • TWEAK: Allowed mutandis to be taken to the spirit world to allow a slightly faster start to building there.
  • TWEAK: Added variations of bound fetishes to the witchery creative tab.
  • TWEAK: Fetishes now trigger more promptly.
  • TWEAK: Added Chinese translations.
  • FIX: On servers the icon for Wispy Cotton in the Herbology book was undefined.
  • FIX: Spectres triggered from a Sentinel fetish preferred to attack players than their intended targets, even if the player is in a whitelist.
  • FIX: Sentinel Fetish will not attack the player if they return from the Spirit World after sleeping near the fetish.


  • NEW: Fetishes – Scarecrow, Trent Effigy and Witch’s Ladder. These blocks can be used as decorative pieces, or used in a Rite of Binding to bind spectral creatures into them. The combination of spectral creatures causes a placed fetish to have a different effect. Taglocks may be used on a fetish to add that player or creature to the objects list of known entities. A manifested player can pick up and carry bound fetishes to the spirit world, their effect will be felt in both worlds.
  • NEW: Voodoo Protection Fetish. Voodoo Protection Poppets in a player’s inventory in the area of effect of the fetish (16 blocks) will only be damaged to a normal extent even when a curse is cast by a witch with a cat familiar. Additionally the poppet will protect against the Rite of Transposition.
  • NEW: Shrieking Fetish. The fetish will scream when a non-whitelisted (or blacklisted) creature approaches within 16 blocks. It will also emit a redstone signal. If a witch’s ladder is used, there will be no screaming, only the redstone signal.
  • NEW: Sentinel Fetish. When a non-whitelisted (or blacklisted) creature approaches within 8 blocks of the fetish, spectres will be released to force them to flee. The sentinel will ignore players with no arms or armor.
  • NEW: Disorientation Fetish. When a non-whitelisted (or blacklisted) creature approaches within 8 blocks of the fetish, they will be flipped around, the effect becomes more disorientating the closer the creature approaches.
  • NEW: Ghost Walking Fetish. When near this fetish, the timer for a spirit walking player (Rite of Manifestation) will not decrease. This essentially allows path ways to be built for ghostly characters to walk along.
  • NEW: Spectral Stone – Used to trap aggressive spectral creatures (spectre, banshee and poltergeist) using a Rite of Binding, can be used to summon the creatures in an enthralled state (so controllable with the Necromantic Stone). Can hold up to four creatures.
  • NEW: Baba Yaga’s Hat – Like a normal Witches’ Hat but has only a 25% chance (instead of 35%) for a second potion, but has also a 25% chance of a third potion. Also at the cost of 2.5% of a players infused power, the is a chance the player will be teleported a short distance instead of being hit.
  • NEW: Spirit – Mob that spawns in the Spirit World and flies around as a golden ball of light. Kill to subdue it, subdued spirits can be placed to allow them to fly once more, or taken back to the overworld to be used as ingredients (or released).
  • NEW: Spectre – Invisible mob that that can be summoned. Chill touch penetrates armor doing taking 10% of the victims life.
  • NEW: Poltergeist – Invisible mob that may appear when summoning spectral creatures, likes causing mischief by throwing items around.
  • NEW: Banshee – Mob that can be summoned, screams in a non-to-nice way causing magical damage to all nearby players.
  • NEW: Death – Boss mob. Very nasty.
  • NEW: Brazier – New apparatus used to burn various items to create magical effects. Most commonly used for necromantic summonings in association with the Wormwood plant. Use of the brazier has a chance of summoning a Poltergeist.
  • NEW: Brazier effect – Graveyard mist.
  • NEW: Brazier effect – Summon Spectre.
  • NEW: Brazier effect – Summon Banshee.
  • NEW: Brazier effect – Deathly Veil.
  • NEW: Brazier effect – Anguish of the Dead.
  • NEW: Brazier effect – Fortification of the Corpse.
  • NEW: Brazier effect – Drain Growth.
  • NEW: Book Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes.
  • NEW: Boline – Functions as sheers but can also harvest cobwebs, trapped plants and blood roses. Has other uses connected with necromancy too.
  • NEW: Wormwood plant – Grows on cultivated land to two blocks in height. Drops seeds and wormwood. Initially mutated from grown wheat and wispy cotton.
  • NEW: Brew of Revealing – Reveals invisible spirits, creatures and players.
  • NEW: Infused Brew Base – Used to make infused brews, there are two recipes, the first is expensive, the second is cheaper but requires another Infused Brew Base.
  • NEW: Infused Brew of the Grave – Long duration buff to necromantic skills (Enthrall undead with a necromantic stone, feed on dead animals and players). Only one infused brew can be active at a time.
  • NEW: Infused Brew of Soaring – Long duration speed and control buff for Enchanted Broom flight. Stacks with buffs from the owl familiar. Only one infused brew can be active at a time.
  • NEW: Brew of Hollow Tears – The opposite of flowing spirit, used with solidifying brews.
  • NEW: Solidifying Brews – Brews that can be thrown at Hollow Tears to solidify it to a chosen material (dirt, stone, sand, sandstone, or optionally eroded away).
  • NEW: Brew of Substitution – Swaps blocks.
  • NEW: Use a Bound Waystone on a Crystal Ball to view that location.
  • NEW: Buff a Treefyd by using a Creeper Heart (or Demon Heart) on it to boost its max life and damage (the demon heart boosts more).
  • NEW: In the spirit world, Netherwart can be mutated from other plants with Mutandis.
  • NEW: Distilling a Demon Heart with neterrack creates soul sand.
  • TWEAK: The Biting Belt (and Parasytic Lice) will apply most potion effects before Vampiric Poppets are applied, regeneration effects will be applied after (if needed).
  • TWEAK: Seer stone now also reveals manifestation time available to a player, if they have a familiar and their coven size.
  • TWEAK: Sneak-use a seer stone to see details about yourself.
  • TWEAK: The volcano raised with Rite of Earth’s Wrath no longer has a flat bottom when expanded over air blocks.
  • TWEAK: Walia mod is now supported, keeping trapped plants and alder doors somewhat hidden.
  • TWEAK: Bibliocraft armor stand is now supported for witch clothing.
  • TWEAK: Arthana can no longer harvest cobwebs (use a Boline instead).
  • TWEAK: Blood roses and trapped plants will now be destroyed unless harvested with a boline.
  • TWEAK: Collision detection for the Enchanted Broom is partially disabled when ridden, allowing brews to be thrown effectively.
  • TWEAK: Poppet Shelves will only function in the overworld, nether, end and spirit world.
  • TWEAK: Dragon Eggs provide substantially less Altar power.
  • TWEAK: Spear of the Huntsman damage counts as wooden damage
  • TWEAK: Only vanilla and witchery mobs will spawn in the Spirit World.
  • TWEAK: Blood roses and Trapped Plants will now be broken if harvested with anything other than a Boline.
  • FIX: It is no longer possible to repair chalk using Ars Magica
  • FIX: Ars magic devices no longer change the type of a poppet.
  • FIX: Ruby Slippers will now correctly teleport players to the spawn point if they have no bed.
  • FIX: Bark belt GUI icons (the sticks) are drawn too high if the player has more than 10 hearts and is using the Tinker’s Construct mod.
  • FIX: Bark belt GUI icons were flashing when the player looked at a Biome colorable block (e.g. tall grass).
  • FIX: Nightmares were spawning too frequently if the player is flying at a certain height.
  • FIX: Nightmare shield was incorrectly timed.
  • FIX: In peaceful mode, Mandrakes will always just drop their harvest.
  • FIX: Whiff of Magic was missing its thaumcraft aspects
  • FIX: Flowing Spirit will not be writable as Mystcraft pages.
  • FIX: Left and Right motions in the Witchcraft: Symbology book were reversed.


  • FIX: Small bug with poison management of seeping shoes.
  • FIX: Bark belt bark pieces were being shown when invisible.


  • NEW: Brew of Sleeping – Drink to enter the Spirit World, your physical sleeping form stays behind (along with most of your gear! Icy needles can pass the world boundaries!). Extremely high chance of having a nightmare when using this Brew.
  • NEW: Apple of Sleeping – Eat to enter the Spirit World, will always cause a nightmare!
  • NEW: Spirit World Dimension – Almost identical to the overworld. If any player in the dimension is experiencing a nightmare it will be night time, otherwise it will be daytime. Players experiencing a nightmare will be chased by their nightmare. Dying in the Spirit World causes the player to wake up in the Overworld. Using an Icy needle will also cause a player to return to the overworld. Circle Magic does not work in the Spirit World.
  • NEW: Nightmare Mob – Chases players in the Spirit World who are having a nightmare. Fast and Hard to kill, run! Drops Mellifluous Hunger, a substance that can be transported back to the Overworld.
  • NEW: Wispy Cotton – Found in the Spirit World, can be picked as either Wispy Cotton or Disturbed cotton depending on if anyone in the Spirit World is experiencing a nightmare. Both types of cotton can return with the player when they wake up! The cotton is used to make Fanciful Thread and Tormented Twine used in the manufacture of Dream Weavers.
  • NEW: Brew of Flowing Spirit – Flowing spirit flows where the potion lands, flowing spirit can be picked up in a bucket. Flowing spirit has a mild regen effect for players standing in it. Undead and demons are weakened when standing in it. Nightmares cannot become invulnerable when standing in it. Flowing Spirit activates Spirit Portals. Can only be brewed in the Spirit World. Can be transported back to the Overworld as long as it remains in its original glass bottle.
  • NEW: Spirit Portal, created using snow blocks surrounded a 2×2 empty area. Activated using Flowing Spirit on. Can only be created in the Spirit World. Players who have used the Rite of Manifestation on themselves can pass though these Portals into the overworld at the same location and appear as ghosts. Only Icy needles can pass though with them! Use an icy needle to return to the Spirit World (or after the effect of the Rite of Manifestation expire). When a manifested players time runs out, or uses a needle anything they are holding (except icy needles) WILL BE DROPPED!
  • NEW: Rite of Manifestation. Allows players in the circle to manifest though Spirit Portals for a total of 2.5 Minutes (+25 secs per coven member). Requires Mellifluous Hunger.
  • NEW: Spinning Wheel. Machine (requires altar power) that turns materials into threads. Used to produce the threads for dream weavers and witches clothing. Can also be used to create cobwebs from string.
  • NEW: Brew of Wasting. Instantly breaks leaves blocks in the area of effect (causing drops if they have them). Monsters hit will be withered. Players hit will experience hunger problems.
  • NEW: Dream Weaver of Intensity. Boosts the effects of nearby dream weavers, Digging and Speed increases the effect (and slightly reduces the duration). Fasting extends the duration from (4 mins to 6 mins). Also adds a very short night vision/blindness effect.
  • NEW: Biting Belt. Craft with a portion to apply that effect one time when hit (same behavior as the Parasytic Louse). Worn as leg armor, has the same protection as leather. Can be died. Can be repaired in anvil or with Impregnated Leather.
  • TWEAK: Using a taglock on a Treefyd for Villagers or vanilla farm animals (sheep, pigs, etc.) will make the Treefyd ignore all creatures of that type instead of just that one instance.
  • TWEAK: Default duration of Dream Weaver of Satiation reduced to four minutes.
  • TWEAK: Added support for Mine Factory Reloaded Planters for Witchery saplings and crops.
  • TWEAK: Witches Hat, Witches Robes, Necromancers Robes and Icy Slippers now use Golden Thread in their recipes.
  • TWEAK: Dream Weaver of nightmares now uses Tormented Twine instead of String in its recipe.
  • TWEAK: Dream Weavers of Fleet Foot and Strong Arm now use Fanciful Thread and Tormented Twine instead of String in their recipes.
  • TWEAK: Dream Weaver of Satiation now uses Fanciful Thread, Tormented Twine and Mellifluous Hunger in its recipe instead of string and potion of harming.
  • TWEAK: Dream weaver of Nightmares now applies a weakness debuff instead of confusion. Two nightmare weavers still cause blindness.
  • TWEAK: New config file setting to control the number of players that must be asleep for a Dream Weaver buff to be applied (prior versions required all players to sleep which is not necessarily the case when using the Morpheus mod).
  • TWEAK: Added support for Altars to draw power from flowers and crops from other mods.
  • TWEAK: Rite of Protection circles are 1 block wider so that they enclose the ritual glyphs to prevent leaving a gap for small creatures to run under. The barriers also remove replaceable blocks like grass and snow.
  • FIX: Placing an Arthana on an Altar was not being rendered correctly in Fast Graphics mode.
  • FIX: A distillery, Rites of Protection and Rite of Recharging were not rechecking the range to the closest Altar when an Arthana was added or removed, requiring them to be replaced/restarted to apply the effect.
  • FIX: The Polynesia charm should not work on a Coven Witch.
  • FIX: Curses and Counter-curses were not refunding foci items if the target player was not logged in.
  • FIX: Rite of Shifting Seasons was not syncing some client-side tile entities with the server-side data following the biome re-sync.
  • FIX: Altars and Void Brambles cannot now be moved by the Rite of Moving Earth due to this requiring way too much state management to get right, this fixes the bug where earth would not raise more than one block if an Altar was in the circle and that an altar split in half by the rite would lead to a null reference exception when used.
  • FIX: Rite of Shifting Seasons did not recognize the skull item necessary to perform biome transformation to type magical biome.


  • NEW: Added Russian language translations, special thanks to ZigTheHedge for this!
  • TWEAK: Owls and Toads will no longer despawn (after some minutes) if not tamed.
  • TWEAK: Babies produced from tamed Owls and Toads will not automatically be tame. This allows untamed animals to be produced without the need for more mutation (because only untamed animals can roam).
  • TWEAK: Changed the alpha blending mechanism for screen overlays slightly.
  • FIX: Fixed a Minecraft 1.6.2 crashing issue when an Apothecary is generated (this only happens in 1.6.2).
  • FIX: Worked around an issue with Ents, where a specific combination of mods can cause a client-side crash when the Ent is spawned (not sure what the mod is that causes the problem though).
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where familiars may teleport partially into solid blocks.
  • FIX: Critter Snare could cause a missing method exception leading to a server crash.
  • FIX: Sitting position for Enchanted Broom has been adjusted to be more compatible with mods like morph.
  • FIX: Nether Portals were sometimes appearing when using a Rite of Transposition to teleport between the Twilight Forest and the Overworld (or vice versa).
  • FIX: Using a name tag on a toad, owl or cat familiar was causing it to sit instead of naming it.


For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Witchery Mod 1.6.4


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Author: Emoniph

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