Weapons + Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

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Weapons + Mod 1.7.2


Keep in mind that this is still a pre release and many more features will be added

3-D Models- All weapons have 3D models when being held, dropped, and in an item frame.


RPG Launcher: This Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher shoot out 3D rendered rockets which explode on impact.  This weapon has a short cooldown before you can fire again.Image

Laser Gun: This laser gun has 3 modes, Damage, Stun, and Explosive mode.  Each shot is at max power if you hold the charge until the charging sound stops, then fire.  The power of the shot is directly related to how long you hold the charge for.Image

Flamethrower: Shoots a beam of fire, igniting everything it touches!Image

Snow Cannon: Shoots out snowballs, which will cover whatever they hit in snow.  This feature does not work in any biome that doesn’t have rain or snow.Image


Beta 1.5

  • Switched To Netty PacketHandling
  • Switched To NBTTagCompound Data
  • Made Recpies Cheaper (All Iron Blocks Are Now Hardened Iron Ingots)
  • Added Full Multiplayer Support
  • Added Laser Designator
  • Added Missiles
  • Added Uranium
  • Added Rifle
  • Added Pulse Rifles

beta 1.0

  • Fixed Laser Gun Texture
  • Finished Railgun
  • Made Explosions Less Glitchy
  • Laser Gun No Longer Damages Blocks
  • Added Ammo
  • Crafting Recipes
  • Added Ender Cannon
  • Added Invisibility Suit
  • Added Swords [Poisen Sword, Energy Sword, Rift Blade, Throwable Sword]
  • Added Land Mines

Download Weapons + Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

For 1.7.2


Old version


For 1.6.4


Credits: []LazerMan47[]

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