Wawla Mod 1.7.10

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Wawla Mod 1.7.10

Questions and Answers:
Q: Will this mod work on servers?
A: Both Wawla and Waila are designed as client side mods however they will also run on a server. The benefits to running this mod on your server includes providing clients with synced nbt data and allowing server owners to disable certain features of the mod.

Q: When on a server some information is wrong or missing, what’s wrong?
A: This is an issue related to how data is synchronized in minecraft. When the player connects to a server the only information the player receives is that which the server sends. Because of this it is possible for information to be misrepresented when connected to a server that does not have this mod installed as some features such as the furnace require additional information to be sent by the server.

Q: Can you add support for the _______ mod / Can you add _______ feature?
A: I would love to add more support and features. If you have a suggestion make sure to leave it in the comments and I will see what I can do!

Q: What is your stance on mod packs?
A: Please read my section on modpacks.

Vanilla Features:
Enchantment Books: When looking at an enchantment book in your inventory a description of the enchantment is added to the tooltip. This only happens if the player is pressing the Shift key. (prior to 1.0.2 this was triggered by entering advanced mode rather than the shift key bind. Advanced mode is a feature of vanilla Minecraft that can be entered when the by pressing shift, f3 and h at the same time)

Entity Equipment: If you look at a mob that is holding a piece of armor or an item, the item will be noted in the tooltip. This shows the display name of the item, meaning it is possible for the name shown to be renamed.

Furnaces: When looking at a furnace that is currently smelting, the remaining duration of the fuel will be printed in the tooltip. When sneaking information such as the item being in the input, output and fuel slots, along with how much of each is in the stack.

Block Harvest Module: When looking at a block the harvestability of that block is calculated and depending on the result certain bits of information will be added to the waila HUD. If the current item in your hand is not the suggested tool to use the correct tool type will be added to the hud. If it is the correct tool then the tier of the block and the held item are then compared, the hud will then indicate if the tool is a high enough tier.

Horses: When looking at a vanilla horse its jump stat and speed stat will be represented on the Waila HUD. This information can be used to compare two horses or to potentially breed better horses.

Item Frames: When looking at an item frame the name of the held item is added to the Waila HUD. This uses the display name of the item so it is possible to change the name shown by renaming the item.

Pets: When looking at a tamable mob the name of the owner is displayed in the Waila HUD. This uses the nbt of the entity to generate the owner name. The keys used include Owner, OwnerName, owner and ownerName it is also possible for mods to add their own keys to this list by using IMC.

Player Heads: When looking at a player head, the name of the head owner is added to the Waila HUD.

Beacons: When looking at a beacon information about it will be added to the Waila HUD. This information includes the tier of the beacon (increased by increasing pyramid size) and the effects being emitted by the beacon.

Configuration: Almost all aspects of this mod can be disabled using the in game Waila Configuration. This configuration can be accessed normally through the Numpdad0 key however it is possible to change this in the controls section. When joining a server with this mod installed the server will have the ability to override your config options.

Additional Mod Support:
Pixelmon: When Pixelmon 3.2.2 or newer additional information will be supplied for Pixelmon. When looking at a Pixelmon and sneaking information such as nature, ability, happiness, held item and size will be added to the Waila HUD. When looking at an Apricorn Tree information such as the growth rate and apricorn type are added to the Waila HUD.

Tinkers Construct: This module is only active when Tinkers Construct is installed. When Looking at a Tinkers Construct tank the amount of fluid inside will be added to the Waila HUD. When looking at a Smeltery the amount of Fluid it contains will be added to the HUD if the player is sneaking. If a landmine has a block in its camouflage slot, Waila will be tricked into displaying data for the camo block.

Version Checker: Version checker adds a new gui that alerts users when new updates are available. As of version 1.0.1 Wawla makes use of the update check system implemented by this mod. Note that the Version Checker mod must be installed for this to do anything.

Legal and Modpacks:
This mod is provided as is without any warranty. The source code for this mod is made publicly available on GitHub and is free for anyone to use for the purpose of learning, you may not compile the code of this project and include it within your own project without advanced written permission from myself, you also may not distribute modified copies of the project or parts of the project without my permission. You may not host files related to this project on your site without permission from myself.

If you would like to distribute this mod in a mod pack you may do so as long as the pack meets the three following requirements. If the following criteria are met you can publish your pack without advanced permission from myself. I have the right to change this policy in the future. If you need to provide proof of permission for this mod you may screenshot the entire “Legal and Modpacks” section of this post.

-The pack is not distributed behind an ad site such as adfly or adfoc and is not being sold or used to generate profit. Packs may sell their own brand name merchandise such as clothes (example FTB store) as long as the intellectual property or content of this mod is not being directly used.

-The pack site or page includes a public list to all of the mods within the pack as well as credit to the mod authors and links to their respective page(s). (Donations/Twitter/Patreon/Website/Forum page)

-The pack has permission to use every mod contained within the pack.

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Author: Darkhax

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