Wall Painter Mod 1.7.10

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Wall Painter Mod 1.7.10


Wall Painter is a mod which – as its name suggests – allows you to paint your blocks like a wall.

How to use:

To paint a wall, you need a paint roller and paint bucket. Right clicking while holding paint roller will change color of selected block, doing it again will change its texture. Paint bucket empties when used 80 times. If you do a mistake, you can use paint scraper.


paint roller:

paint scraper:

paint bucket (only 2 different dyes can be used):

color blending (please note that colors that are made from one type of dye can be blended)



As normal forge mod

To do:

  • Better compatibility with OptiFine Done
  • Optimization
  • Some additional patterns
  • An ability to paint doors Done
  • An ability to color blocks without losing their original texture Done

Download Wall Painter Mod 1.7.10


Author: rafradek

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