UltraHardcore Plugin 1.6.4

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UltraHardcore Plugin 1.6.4

Health Changes

Health no longer regenerates from having an almost full hunger bar, health can only be regained with golden apples and health potions.
Does not use the gamerule for stopping regeneration to allow for permission based regeneration

Playerlist shows players health level using scoreboards, player health also shown under their name ingame.
Vanilla 0 health bug fixed
Red name for low health
Yellow name for middle health
Green name for high health
Blue name for players with non player list health permissions


playerlist health

Recipe Changes

Golden apple recipe is now the default recipe in Minecraft!

Notch apple recipe disabled by default and ghast tears do not drop (stops regeneration potions)

Harder recipe for glistering melon and golden carrot

Brewing of splash potions and tier 2 potions disabled by default

Can craft a golden head that heals for 4 hearts instead of the usual 2 hearts for a golden apple, amount regen configurable

Absorption from golden apples removed



Ghasts drop golden ingots in replacement of ghast tears, makes regen potions uncraftable

Players drop their head on death, PvP only flag available. Tries to place the head in the world on a fence but will drop as an item if it can’t


Other Features

Enderpearls cause no damage on teleport (can still take fall damage from bad throws)

Starting a message with ‘P ‘ will make your chat anonymous to everyone on the server that doesn’t have permission to see names (default op)
e.g. Saying ‘P This message is anonymous!’ will show up like this:


Admin Features

Allows the world to generate with a bedrock wall to contain players within a certain distance
(Use of WorldBorder still recommended in conjunction with the borders if necessary), different shapes available


Commands /heal and /feed for resetting a player/players health/hunger

Command /ci for clearing a player/players inventory

Command /feature for listing enabled features and changing enabled features on the fly without restart

Can scatter a player/players with set parameters (radius, centre coords, world and scatter type) with configurable delay between sequential teleports. Can teleport people as a team (for more info check the commands page)

Command /freeze that will give all players without a specific permission specified
potion effects from the config file making it very difficult for them to move/do anything.

Command /tpp that can teleport a player/players to a specific coordinate/player

Team based commands to join/create/remove teams e.t.c. for more info check the commands page

Permissions based death bans with configurable length/message

Can give a player/players items from the deathdrops list via commands

Features disabled by default

Dead players get struck by ‘fake’ lightning

Add a prefix/suffix with formatting to death messages, defaults to making the message red with coordinates.
Can remove death messages altogether, uses permissions

Add any items to a player’s drops when they die. Configurable with ranged amount and % chance to drop

Players leave ‘footprints’ behind them as they travel, disabled if ProtocolLib is not found

Hardcore hearts are shown instead of normal hearts for players, disabled if ProtocolLib is not installed


Download UltraHardcore Plugin 1.6.4

For 1.6.4


For 1.5.2


Credits: ghowden

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