Ultimate Herobrine bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4

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Ultimate Herobrine bukkit plugins 1.6.4

With this Plugin you can troll your Friends. You can Switch in the role of Herobrine! You have much commands and a Config file to adjust the Plugin. When you toggle being Herobrine you become Skin and nametag from Herobrine. This Plugin guarantees you much fun on your server!


New Commands (v 1.6)

  • /uh headscare <player> – Creates Heads with the face of Herobrine around the Player
  • /uh soundstick <ghast|cave|enderman> – Make sounds By Clicking the Stick (ALPHA)
  • /uh bury <player> – Bury Player
  • /uh trololo <player> – can’t describe what this is *-*

Old Commands (v1.0 – v1.5)

  • /uh – Shows version number and author
  • /uh help 1|2|3 – Command Pages
  • /uh toggle – Toggles being Herobrine
  • /uh scare <player> – Scares the Player
  • /uh catapult <player> – Catapult Player in the Air
  • /uh kill <player> – Kill Player with message
  • /uh hide – Remove you from Server
  • /uh explode <player> – Let the Player Explode
  • /uh lava <player> – Place a block lava under the Player
  • /uh smite <player> – Smites the player
  • /uh control <player> – Get name of the Player
  • /uh end <player> – teleport player in the end
  • /uh portalstick – Like Compass from Worldedit(Portalstick has more Range)
  • /uh firewalk <player> – Let the Player firewalk (type again to shut down)
  • /uh tport <player> – Read Changelog to see the Description.
  • /uh torch – Removes torches (Range can be edit in config)
  • /uh dimtorch – Replace torches with redstone Torch
  • /uh signs – Edit signs
  • /uh batattack – Attack player with Bats
  • /uh flowerwalk – Burn down flowers, Vines, leaves and mushrooms
  • /uh necromancystaff – summon zombies/skeletons with armor by clicking(Alpha Phase Command)


  • uherobrine.use

Config File


Instalaltion Ultimate Herobrine bukkit plugins

  1. You have to drop the jar file into your Plugin Folder
  2. Than restart or start the server
  3. It will generates a config where you can adjust Messages and names


  • added command /uh bury <player> – bury a player
  • addad the command /uh trololo <player>
  • edit help pages to one big help Page

Download Ultimate Herobrine bukkit plugins

For 1.6.4



  • xilentcrafter
  • SlopranoDark
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