Tuntes Mod 1.4.7

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Tuntes Mod 1.4.7

This mod adds more fixes to minecraft!

Workbench have new craft!
Y – flint
X – planks

Furnace Recipes:
1. Clay block – Brick block
2. Rotten Flesh – Cooked Rotten Flesh and more!

  • Adds DecorativeBlocks
  • Adds Nuclear furnace
  • Adds ic2 energy storage
  • Adds from 1.5.2 version to 1.4.7 DayLightDetector, Quartz, Dropper
  • Adds simple personal card
  • Adds Team Blocks
  • Adds Color blocks
  • Adds more ores
  • Adds new biomes
  • Adds Jungle village gen
  • Adds new village types
  • Adds new solar panels(Day/Night, Only day types solars)
  • Adds new dimensions(Blood, Desert, Diamond)
  • Adds New Year Furnace(Recipe aviable only on New Year)
  • Adds New Year Item(Random drop, Only admins/creatives can give this item)
  • Adds new furnaces(Gold, Diamond, Redstone, Obsidian(resources x4), Netherrack)
  • Adds Items from other mods(Sorry modders i moved in one mod and more fixed)
  • Adds more crafts(now we are have more recipes for play! Good luck!)
  • Adds new monsters(Herobrine, Fast skeleton, Boss Skeleton and more!)
  • Adds new tools
  • Adds new bows(Steel, Gold, Diamond)
  • Adds new apples(Diamond)
  • Adds more recipes for ic2 matter
  • Adds matter v2 (resources x3)

This mod still has feast of 3 (2 of them apocalypse in minecraft)
March 8 – Occurs spawn Ghast boss mobs in improving the lives of fashion! Apocalypse lasts 2 days
November 3 – There is a hell spawn all the mobs at the top in the world, also improving the lives of mobs. Apocalypse lasts 5 days
New Year’s (31 December, 1 January) – Relegation lives mobs, zombie Nazis are snowballs allowed craft Christmas stove, also the subject of Christmas

This mod requires next:

  1. minecraft(1.4.7)
  2. Faithful 32x
  3. forge 497 – 534
  4. Optifine
  5. industrial craft 2


  • Fixed bugs!
  • Zombie Herobrine now has 1650 hp!
  • Added Apple tree
  • Fixed config(Added monster spawn control(To change write number from 0 to 15 <default 0>))
  • Added first craft solar panel
  • Fixed CowHerobrine
  • Added Advanced multy block!(At future this block can more functions!)
  • Added Generator matter v2 and new generator!
  • Added new year block
  • Fixed bug with solar panels
  • Added new decoratives blocks!

Download Tuntes Mod 1.4.7

For 1.4.7


Author: roggab

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