T’s Emblems Mod 1.7.10

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T’s Emblems Mod




This is a brand new mod of mine, which adds some emblems to the game called:

  • “Emblem of White Fangs”, once equiped in the last slot (right) of your hotbar, you’ll get a random percentage of your damage delt to mods back as healh!
  • “Emblem of the blowing Wind”, once equiped in the last slot (right) of your hotbar,  it will give you a speed 3 buff!
  • “Emblem of Growth”, once equiped in the last slot (right) of your hotbar, it will increase the tick rate of all blocks in a 3*3*3 grid around you. This means that crops(including sugercane and nether wart) will grow a lot faster.

You can find these as a rare loot in dungeon chests. each chest has a 1% chance of containing one, so good luck ;

So………..Have fun playing!

Download T’s Emblems Mod

For 1.7.10


Author: tommyte

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