Transport Terminals Mod 1.7.10

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Transport Terminals Mod 1.7.10

Transport Terminals is a utility mod which allows for easy teleportation travel – even across dimensions.


This mod was written for personal use on my server. Upon spawning in a new (heavily modded) world, myself and a few friends decided we would travel in different directions of about 1000 blocks. This idea was so we could avoid resource stripping in and around each of our bases. This idea initially worked well and everyone had a big enough area to mine and build without clashing. The one problem with this we found, as we all progressed and discovered different things, it was difficult to find each other on the map. The style of play we have adopted is very much co-op. Sharing new things and exploring together was difficult. Other mods were installed that allowed for us to travel by flying mounts, this however resulted in many new chunks being generated and we often would get lost. One day I decided enough was enough. I needed a quick and easy way of moving from location to location without all the fuss. With the help of my friend ganymedes01, we decided to write a mod which could achieve this.

The brief I set – to keep things simple and not go the route of mini maps or magical dimension mods:

Players can store any location they have been onto “Chips”.
These chips are stored in a “Console” and can be removed, stored, or used in any other console.
Locations are sent to the console using a “Remote” and stored on the chips.
A remote should be linked with a console and allow the player to teleport to that console from anywhere.

After using this solidly for over a month on my server with good feedback, I thought other people may find it useful.
Hence, well, this…

There are 3 things you will need to craft in order to use this mod.

The Transport Terminal Console.

A Transport Terminal Remote.

A bunch of Transport Terminal Chips.


After crafting all the necessary bits, place the console block down where you want it. (make sure you leave an empty space x1 block by x2 blocks high in front of the console). Next, right click on the console block. This will open the console main GUI. In the GUI you will see, on the left side, 2 slots and an arrow. Place your remote in to the top slot and drag the remote from the bottom slot out. This has now linked your remote to that console. Now, when you right click that remote, you will be teleported directly to that console. Good stuff. Next, grab some of the chips you made and start filling the 2 rows of other slots. Each one of those slots has a button above or below it. Your Transport Terminal set up is now ready to use.


To save a location you wish to teleport back to just Sneak + Right Click with the remote on a block.
If you have blank chips in your console a text box ‘naming’ GUI will open for you.

After typing the location name – just click the ‘save’ button on the top left.
The location will be saved to the console and recorded on the 1st available blank chip.

To teleport back to a location saved on to a chip open the console GUI and press
the button for the slot which contains the chip. Simple.

Download Transport Terminals Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: Vadis365

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