TragicMC Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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(TragicMC Mod 1.7.10)

This mod adds multiple items and a bunch of new mobs, with a lot of weapons/items/blocks with special abilities. It also adds in some potion effects and enchants. This is also my first mod so any constructive criticism is appreciated.

This mod adds:

  • Around 40 new mobs (including variations)
  • About 10 difficult bosses (with their own unique fighting styles)
  • Over a hundred items (including armor, weapons, tools, food)
  • Two new ores with their own armor and tool sets
  • 5 new Potion Effects
  • 7 new Enchantments



Changes from last test release:

Focus for this Update: More content to play with


  • Added Ragr mob, it jumps around creating explosions, it only spawns in cold biomes, it targets any nearby mobs/living things including other Ragr
  • It is a beast-type mob, it has high armor and a lot of health, but if it is corrupted, it’s armor is increased even more
  • If it is set on fire, it loses all of it’s armor, it tramples terrain it walks over
  • Added Inkling mob, it thrives in darkness and burns quickly in bright areas, it spawns in all biomes and will turn invisible when attacking something, it can also teleport between dark areas, it panics and teleports away if set on fire, but it can also destroy torches if it’s close enough
  • It is a nature-type mob with low health and armor, but if threatened can summon more Inklings to help it
  • Fixed some ai issues with all of the mobs, made the Plague only able to corrupt entities that it can see
  • The Plague now has very low health and will slowly die after it spawns
  • Adjusted spawn rates of Plague and Inkling, they are slightly lowered with slightly larger group sizes
  • Fixed mob in-fighting that was supposed to occur when some mobs were corrupted
  • Added Pumpkinhead mob, it’s ai is updated from the previous version, on spawn it’ll search for a nearby pumpkin to set as it’s home pumpkin, it is a neutral mob that will only attack when attacked first
  • While it’s home pumpkin is not destroyed, it gains attack damage continuously when it has a target and has higher armor, otherwise it does weak damage and has very weak armor, it also burns to death very quickly
  • If it is not burning and it still has a home pumpkin while it’s health is low, it can do a kamikaze attack where it drops pumpkinbombs that erupt into flames on detonation
  • Fixed Jarra’s “rage” attack to not affect player’s in Creative Mode
  • Increased Pumpkinhead’s spawn rate as it can only spawn naturally near pumpkins, also made it that it calls for help from nearby Pumpkinheads when it is attacked, when spawned with a spawn egg, it now automatically creates a pumpkin to set as it’s home if one is not available
  • Added Tragic Neko, it attacks mostly with projectiles, on death it drops sticky bombs and cluster bombs
  • Optimized Inkling and Ragr ai to reduce lag


  • Added ore storage blocks for Red Mercury, Ruby, Sapphire, Tungsten and Quicksilver
  • Created new texture for Tungsten Ore and Red Mercury Ore
  • Added Wax block, along with recipes for all of the storage blocks
  • Added light blocks, Light Orb and the Candle
  • Fixed bug where Ruby Ore and Sapphire Ores would drop themselves instead of Ruby and Sapphire
  • All of the textures are only low res currently


  • Added full functionality to the Everlasting Light
  • Added two armor sets, the Light and Dark armor
  • When you have the full Light armor set on, you gain Night Vision, if you have the full Dark armor set on, you gain Immunity
  • Added Gravity Spike weapon


  • Added 3 new amulets, Hornet, Chicken and Martyr
  • Hornet amulet doubles your magic pierce, but halves your magic resist
  • Chicken amulet restores part of your health and Doom whenever you go to sleep
  • Martyr amulet takes half of the damage you would normally take into it’s reserve, but you can’t have positive potion effects while it’s active
  • Created new low resolution amulet textures
  • Added recipes for the Chicken and Hornet amulets

Random Things:

  • Fixed bug when using Sampler without the Meticulous Enchantment
  • Created mid resolution texture for spawn eggs
  • Added a few recipes involving Gravel, for making Clay and Rocks
  • Added new Doomsdays, Light Shove (Light Armor), Afraid of the Dark (Dark Armor), Pulse (Gravity Spike)
  • Fixed any previous issues with some Doomsdays freezing the world (Rapid Fire, Nature Drain)
  • Added new throwable projectiles, Pumpkinbombs, Large Pumpkinbombs, Rock, Lava Rock, Poison Barb, Neko Rocket, Neko Cluster Bomb, Neko Sticky Bomb, Neko Mini Bomb, with more to come
  • Put all of these projectiles into the special tab
  • Converted Jarra’s “rage” attack to use the poison barbs, the Doomsdays, Poison Break and Toxicity, now use Poison Barbs as well
  • Resolved issue when using this with Twilight Forest (my Minotaur conflicted with the one in Twilight Forest, so I adjusted the entity name, though you could disable in config anyway)


  • Removed a lot of content that never made it into the mod
  • Removed a lot of references to unimplemented content
  • Fixed bug with Draconic armor
  • Adjusted Flight potion effect mechanics
  • Fixed game crash on load due to references to classes that were removed
  • Draconic Armor and Dragon Fang can now be dropped from any mob/boss that has over 150 health, a 1 in 100 chance

Download TragicMC Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Author: TragicNeko

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