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TooMuchTNT Plugin 1.7.10


TooMuchTNT Plugin 1.7.10

With this plugin you can set the power, fuse, and damage of tnt!  You can also make “Scatter Bombs” that let you set the amount of tnt to scatter, and their velocity! 

/tmtnt get Get a starter tnt to edit.
/tmtnt set (option) (value) Examples:
/tmtnt set Fuse 0
/tmtnt set Power 0
/tmtnt set Scatter_Number 36
/tmtnt set Scatter_Y_Power 2
/tmtnt set Scatter_X_Power 1
/tmtnt set Scatter_Type:_Scatter_Number 0
/tmtnt set Scatter_Type:_Power 5


  • Special tnt fired from dispensers do not work
  • Special tnt moved by a piston does not work
  • Scatter Type configuration doesnt work after the 2nd iteration
  • Multiple tnt near each other take on each others properties

To Do: 

  • Add messages
  • Add checks to avoid exeptions while executing commands

Download TooMuchTNT Plugin 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: Techdoodle

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