Tinker I/O Mod 1.7.10

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  • Minimum required Tinkers’ Construct 1.7.10-1.8.2
  • Minimum required Forge 1291


The function of Tinker I/O

Fuel Input Machine

Tinker I/O adds an item called “Solid Fuel”. Put the Fuel Input Machine next to close to the Smeltery Controller, and you can use this machine to put the Solid Fuel into the Smeltery Controller. As long as you collocate with “Speed Upgrade”, you can transform metals into the form of liquid immediately.

Smart Output

Smart Output can be used to replace Casting Table. Its output speed is faster than Casting Table. Collocating with the Fuel Input Machine, thus, it becomes a faster and cheaper mineral processing system.



Beta 1.3.0 hotfix III Change log

  • Fix a bug which will cause a map crash.

Beta 1.3.0 hotfix II Change log

  • Remove “Controller Direction” tips in the GUI of Fuel Input Machine.

Beta 1.3.0 hotfix Change log

Sorry for the incorrect upgrade amount of fuel input machine in beta 1.3.0…

Tinker I/O beta 1.3.0 will be archived.

Download Tinker I/O Mod

For 1.7.10


Author: tokomikea, GKB, frank89722

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