TimeScaler Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

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TimeScaler Mod

How to use it

/timeScale help – shows these commands
/timeScale – amount to scale time by (Ex: 0.5 makes days twice as long)
/timeScale – scale time for day and night, respectively
/timeScale real – syncs the sun with the server clock
/timeScale timeZone – Time zone for ‘real’ timeScale
/timeScale offset – time offset if using ‘real’ timeScale (1000 = 1 hour)
/timeScaleInfo – shows the current settings

Note: you can type “ts” instead of “timeScale“, “tz” instead of “timeZone“, and “tsi” instead of “timeScaleInfo

Config file:
A config file (timescaler.cfg) is loaded from the “config” folder if one exists. The config file will be created automatically when the mod loads. Here is what you can define in the config file:

timescale – either a value (like 0.1 or -42) or “real” if you want the time to be synced with the server clock. If you want different values for day and night, separate them with a comma (e.g. timescale = 1, 2)

This is how you would calculate the time scale based on how many minutes you want each day to last:
time scale = 20 / (desired time in minutes)
Ex: For 30-minute days: (20/30) = 0.66667
For 24-hour days: (20/1440) = 0.01389

If using separate time scales for day and night, the formula is 10 / (minutes) for both day and night.

timezone – Which timezone the clock should use (if timescale is “real“). You can type “local” here to use whatever timezone the server is in. See the spoiler for time zones if you want to set a specific one. I recommend not using GMT as that does not account for daylight savings time.
offset – similar to timezone, but the value used here is the amount of ticks the sun should be offset by (1000 = 1 hour). I use this to fine-tune the sunset to match the real world, or if I don’t feel like looking up a timezone.

Example config file:
timescale = real
timezone = local
offset = 0

Time Zones



Install TimeScaler Mod

  1. Install the appropriate version of Forge if you haven’t already
  2. Download the TimeScaler.jar that matches your Minecraft version and place it in your “mods” folder

MP Note: Clients don’t need the mod to join the server, but they’ll see the sun jitter annoyingly without it.

Uninstall Note: This mod sets doDaylightCycle to false, so set it back to true to get the sun moving again (the command is /gamerule doDaylightCycle true).

Download TimeScaler Mod

For 1.7.2


For 1.6.4


Author: w00tguy123

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