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Timber bukkit plugin

Tired of having to break each block of a tree individually? Running out of axes so fast to trees, so much that you’re debating on making a diamond axe? This plugin is designed to help on those subjects, from destroying each column of wood individually, to harvesting an entire jungle with one swing of the axe.

By default, chopping a tree with your hand does not make the tree fall like this plugin makes it. You must use any axe for this to happen. The items you can chop a tree with can be configured in the config.yml.

There are four types of Timber which can be chosen within the config.yml:
Timber Classic – Break wood with an axe and all the wood above it will fall.

Timber Full – Break all leaves and wood connected.

Timber Full – No Leaves – Pretty self-explanatory. It’s Timber Full without the leaves.

Timber With Leaves – Like Timber Classic, except destroys leaves.

Server usage:
Classic is a great choice for a public survival server. Simple timber.
Classic with leaves isn’t really a great idea for a public survival server. It destroys all leaves connected to the other leaves, which can cause a large chain.
Full without leaves is a fine idea for a public survival. Good for working with jungle trees and harvesting wood in large amounts.
Full is for massive destruction, which may lead the first player that joins your server to destroy all sources of wood anywhere near. This should only be used on private servers.

Planned changes:

  • Configurable blocks and their own special “timber” items. This will probably wait a while as it is a much more advanced feature.



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