Throw The Cheese Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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6 Cheese -> Cheese Fence
Milk -> Cheese
Cheese Block -> 9 Cheese
9 Cheese -> Cheese Block
Cheese -> 2 Cheese Slice

Cheese Dirt -> Cheese
Fuel Cheese
Fuel Cheese Block
Fuel Cheese Slice


Beta 1.0.3
– Cheese Fence has been added
– Changed Cheese Slice-Texture
– Put Cheese Dirt into the tab “Throw the Cheese”
– Put Cheese Grass into the tab “Throw the Cheese”
– Cheese Stairs has been added (Not available at the moment)

/ Got a Bug Reporter. Watch close at Credits

Beta 1.0.2
– Cheese Biome has been added
– Cheese Grass has been added
– Cheese Dirt has been added
– Minor bug fix
Beta 1.0.1
– Cheese Blocks now drop between 5 and 9 cheese
– Cheese now makes damage, when you throw it at mobs (2 hearts)
– Fixed bug, when destroying Cheese Block
Beta 1.0.0: First release!


  1. Simple install the newest version of Forge (watch a video, if you don’t know, who to install, I don’t want to explain that, because I think that everyone, who is downloading my mod, knows, how to install Forge mods. =o)
  2. Download at the spoiler “Downloads” the newest Version for 1.6.2.
  3. Press “Windows” + “R”, write in “%appdata%”, press “OK”.
  4. Go into your .minecraft-folder, search the folder “mods”, open it and put “Throw The Cheese – Beta 1.0.3” into it (ZIP).
  5. Enjoy!

For 1.6.2

Credits: ThrowTheCheese

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