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Thorin’s Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2



Hello everyone and welcome to Thorin’s Mod! This mod introduces a new rare gem called “mithril,” which can be crafted into three new sets of tools! Below, I will explain all of the functions of the mod.

As a side note, I have decided to make this mod “green.” This means that once a month, all of the profit that I make through download clicks on adfly will be donated to a charity. More information about this can be found below in the “Green Mod Information” section.

Part 1 – Mithril Ore: Thorin’s mod introduces a new super rare ore that can be found at the same levels as diamond. It is extremely difficult to find (slightly rarer than diamond) and requires a diamond pick to destroy.

Part 2 – Mithril Blocks: A mithril block can be crafted by putting “mithril” (the item that is dropped from mithril ore) into the center of a crafting table and surrounding it with Obsidian.

*Only one mithril is required for this recipe. I know it appears to require 64, but it does not.

Part 3 – Mithril Tools: Using mithril blocks, it is possible to craft your own set of mithril tools in the same method that you would normally craft diamond and iron tools! For example, using two sticks and three mithril blocks you can craft a mithril pickaxe. These tools are extremely unique. They have the speed of stone, but infinite durability!
*These tools cannot be enchanted.

Part 4 – Upgrading your Tools: The second part of mithril tools that make them unique is that they can be upgraded. Put a mithril tool into a crafting table and surround it with iron blocks. You will receive an iron plated mithril tool, which now has the speed of iron! Surround an iron plated tool with diamond blocks, and receive a diamond plated mithril tool, that has the speed of diamond!



For 1.6.2


Credits: roilior

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