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Thor Mod 1.7.10


Thor Mod 1.7.10

This adds Mjolnir to Minecraft, it’s different from other similar mods because it has 3D model. It was created all by me using Techne and MCreator with some custom code. Crafting recipe and small demonstration are in video. There will be future updates to add mroe features as i will learn to code (hopefully). For time being there are custom generated structures which on top of you can find Mjolnir. Hammer itself for now has 2 functions, first one being summon lightning where ever you look up to 50 block away and second one is to summon rain/snow (depending on the biome). On to-do list is Thors armor from Marvel Cinematic Universe (3D modeled armor) , ability to fly and shoot lightning directly from the hammer itself. Even if there isn’t that much to show if you wanna do the spotlight or include it in your modpack you are free to do so (mention my name in the modpack). I hope that you will like it and I would be very grateful for some feedback.

– You will be able to found Mjolnir on custom generated structure in world, you will need pickaxe to break Mjolnir block which will drop Mjolnir item.
Hammer is usable by right clicking in the air and it will summon lightning to 50 blocks away and right clicking on block will summon rain (toggleable)

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For 1.7.10


Author: bbbmarko01

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