Thermal Recycling Mod 1.7.10

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Tired of accidentally creating 1e64 Pneumatic Servos when building machines in an Applied Energistics crafting grid? Have a bunch of iron and diamond armor looted from dungeon chests that you wish you can break apart? Have a bunch of metal blocks you want to combine to make new alloys, but don’t want to break them into ingots, first? Well, this mod is for you!

Thermal Recycling is a Thermal Expansion 4.x add-on mod that adds several machines that can process all that extra stuff to produce raw materials and do useful things:

  • Thermal Recycler – breaks an item down into it’s component parts, or converts them to scrap which can be used for other things.
  • Scrap Assessor – allows you to see how an item will be processed based on the processing core installed.
  • Composter – takes green and brown material as input and accelerates crop growth around the block.
  • Vending Machine – trade those items you don’t need to other players.

For a lot of basic items additional Redstone Furnace, Pulverizer, Sawmill, and Induction Smelter recipes are added so that ingredients can be recovered.  For example, pulverizing an Iron Door will give back 6 Iron Dust.  These recipes show up in the normal fashion with NEI.

The recipes for Thermal Recycler are not available via NEI because of the high variability of what it can produce.To get these recipes use the Scrap Assessor with the corresponding upgrade.


Some other highlights for Thermal Recycling:

  • Paper Logs and Paper Log Maker.  Used to make furnace fuel from paper.
  • Fertile Land.  Immune to trampling and doesn’t need irrigation.  Craft using worms that are found when digging up Grass blocks.
  • Better than Bondo!  Use Scrap/Scrap Boxes to repair/rename items in an Anvil.
  • Pile of Rubble.  Find these underground when mining.  Break them to get random items.

Download Thermal Recycling Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: OreCruncher

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